Best WordPress Hosting Solution in 2019

Best WordPress Hosting Solution in 2019

Friends, as you know, that a lot of things are required to create a blog or website. The most important thing about them is Web Hosting. Without this, you can not able to make life any website on the Internet which is created on WordPress.

More than that, you need to know that what are the benefits of creating a website on WordPress? For this, you require hosting. But the question is which hosting will be good for me. Which Hosting Do I Choose for WordPress? Considering the solution to all these problems, I have written this article.

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If you want to take hosting, then you can find many WordPress Hosting options available in the market. But I am going to tell you what is the difference between the type of hosting. I hope By reading this article you can definitely succeed in choosing a great WordPress Hosting.

Best WordPress Hosting Option

If you are going to create or planning to create a blog or website in WordPress. It is very important for you to take web hosting. You can choose the following options for WordPress Hosting. Let’s see one by one: –

WordPress Hosting – Free Option

When you think about building a blog or website for free. Choosing for you can be very useful. Because creating blogs here helps you get rid of the problem of hosting. In this, your website will be Automatically Host on the WordPress server.

Which is very beneficial for you. You do not have to spend anything for hosting. The only problem is that you will get a sub-domain here. Which is like

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You can use almost all of the features by making a free blog on WordPress. This is absolutely free for you. If you can afford some money then you can buy a custom Domain.

After that, you can use this domain for removing To do this, you have to choose an upgrade plan. After that, you can easily use all the facilities provided under the plan.

This type of WordPress Hosting Solution can also be quite beneficial for you. If you have any problems managing self Hosting, then you choose it. Because Managed WordPress Hosting is a service which is managed by a Professional company.

Your website’s entire responsibility and data are in their hands. They pay attention to everything you need for your WordPress website. Such as Security, Backup and SSL etc. They make your website worth ranking in Google. For which you have to spend more money.

As I told that they have full control on your WordPress website, in such a situation if your website becomes successful then you may pay some more money. If you want this type of hosting then you can search it by typing Managed WordPress Hosting in Google. You will get many results for this search.

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Now, in the end, we will talk about the third and the best option, which is the best option for you. This is best for those people who want to take WordPress Hosting for their website in low budget.

Self-Managed WordPress Hosting

If you want to take hosting for creating a blog or website then it is very useful for you. It is very easy to manage your WordPress website in this type of web hosting. According to my opinion, this hosting is great for your WordPress website.

Because you have your complete control over it. It means to say that the entire responsibility of your website is in your hands. At the same time, you are responsible for any benefit and loss happens to your website.

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Don’t be afraid, the loss will happen only if you do some mistake in the setting. But if you use it carefully then it becomes very easy to manage. When you create a website on WordPress by using self-managed hosting. You can use a variety of plugins to improve your website.

If you’re choosing this type of hosting then you have to pay money to get it. But it is cheaper than Managed WordPress Hosting. You also have complete control in it. In this type of hosting, you will get a cPannel (control panel) from where you can install WordPress with just a click and with an easy setting.

Which is quite simple. This type of hosting has many types of Hosting Plan. you choose one of them according to your budget and necessity. These hosting plans come as follows. Which we will read below.

Shared Hosting

The hosting company offers to host on many websites on one server. This is the basic plan of any Web Hosting Provider. Which you can take in a low Budget too.

Anyway, you get this hosting for free also, but you know very well that how are the free things. But take my word that if you are serious about blogs, then you can buy hosting by spending some money (500 to 1000 rupees) also. If you have a Start Up, then it can be a very Best Option for you.

VPS (Vertical Private Server) Hosting

If your business is growing then you can choose it which will be good for you. In this, you will get a part of the server, in which, only your own website runs. Which is not common in Shared Hosting.

If you create a website in this type of hosting it will give more speed to your website. You can easily access all the features of this server. Suppose this server has 8 GB space, then only a part of it is given to you.

As you can say that this server’s RAM has four VPS servers of 2 GB. If you buy a 2 GB VPS Server, then you can use it only. However, this is a little bit expensive. Which you can buy at the rate of around 1000 rupees per month.

Dedicated Hosting

This is also like the VPS server, the difference is that in this you are given full server instead of a part of the server. You can use it as you like it. But you have to follow some company terms and conditions.

You will get full control of the website in hosting. you have complete control over Dedicated Server. The hosting provider will give you a complete RAM, CPU and storage that is needed for your website.

Cloud Hosting

It is also best for your WordPress Hosting. In this type of hosting, you get various types of plans. Which you can choose according to your budget and needs. This hosting is great for business.

If the business goes up then you may be quite convinced to change your hosting. In this case, Cloud Hosting can be very useful for you. Because in this you have to pay for the amount of space and RAM what you use.

After taking this, you avoid the problem of hosting change and plan upgrade. But this is not so in the above-mentioned hosting plan. If you need more RAM and space inside them then you have to upgrade the plan.


So, my dear reader, we have learned about hosting, a different type of hosting and what benefits you will get in it. I hope this post will help you in choosing the best hosting in future.

If you are in the initial stages, then you should take Linux Shared Hosting. In which you are given a cPannel so that you can easily manage your Blog or WordPress Website. At the time of buying of hosting you have to make sure that the hosting you choosing having great uptime.

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