Why we should use WordPress, ultimate guide

Why We Should Use WordPress

Friends, the world’s most popular content management system, if any, then it is WordPress. There is no better platform than WordPress on which you can easily create your blog. In WordPress, you get many many features which can help you to make your blog even better. Friends! we will talk about those features and Services of WordPress in today’s post. I am Sure that  After reading this post, you will know why we should use WordPress.

Why We should Use WordPress?

By the way, you get lots of features in WordPress which makes it the most different. If you use it then you will know it very well. But still, I’m going to tell you some features that will make comfortable for you to choose it. Let’s start: –

Easy to Use

It is so easy to use that anyone can use it. With help of WordPress, you can run your blog on the Internet easily. It helps you a lot in writing a high-quality article. This is the most important feature of WordPress that makes it better.

Easy to Build Any Type of Blog or Website

Do you know? if you do not know that the world’s millions of websites are made with WordPress. Whether that website is in any area? If you like, you can also create any type of website or blog easily with its help. You can create every kind of website with the help of WordPress, such as personal blogs or websites, businesses, cafes, news, e-commerce, portfolio, government websites, travel, real estate etc. Apart from this, you can create more websites.

Easy to Publish Content in It

Every blogger wants to write a high-quality article for his blog. He also works hard for this. But to make this work easier, you get lots of features in WordPress. If you are Using WordPress you can easily write articles for your blog. At the same time, you can create an important page on it for your blog. You can also easily add images and videos to your article. Extremely customize your page too. If everything is okay, you can see its preview. If everything is okay, you can make it live by clicking on the Publish button.

Admin Control  

In this, you can add more than one user. This helps you manage WordPress. That is, you can make someone else as an administrator. If you have added someone else as an admin, then he can do everything in WordPress like you. Meaning to say, he can also write a post. Can change a setting. That means he can manage WordPress at your place. 

Image & Video Editor

With the help of this feature of WordPress, you can edit any media before posting and later. All you have to do is drag and drop any image. After that, you can easily add titles, ALT tags, descriptions, and captions of that image. It is very easy to do this.

Free Themes & Plugins

To give a professional look to any blog or website, WordPress has given you plenty of themes and plugins. Which you can install using for free. If you use it, you can also make your blog look good and secure it as well. In this, you also get a theme and plugin related to SEO. By using these you can make your blog SEO by ranking it in Google’s ranking.

SEO Friendly & Language

WordPress is updated according to the algorithm of the Search Engine. Therefore, the chances of getting the rank of a website become increased. Apart from this, you can use SEO Plugins to optimize the blog. Nowadays the most popular SEO plugin is Yoast, which many bloggers are useing. WordPress has another feature that you can use it in 70 languages. That is to say that you do not have any reason to not use it.

Simple Installation & Latest Update

If you want to use it then you have to install it. You just have to a hosting. You can easily go into your cPanel and install it just one click and some simple settings. Its installation is so simple that any new blogger can easily do it. No Technical Knowledge is required for this.

Data Imports and Exports Feature

With this feature, you can export or import data from any other place. Like if you have created any blog on any other platform, then you can backup it and import that data on WordPress. This feature is easily done with the help of this feature.


Overall WordPress is an open source that comes with a great feature. Which protects your data and your independence. If you can download it, and you can also share it any other person. It is so famous that every person knows about it. If you would ask someone which platform would be good to create a blog or website, then the answer would be the same. That is WordPress Because you do not have to know any coding information in order to use it. A simple man could also use it.

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“Happy Reading & Happy Blogging”

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