Whatsapp Facebook and Youtube Support Now in Jio Phone 2

whatsapp facebook and youtube support now in jio phone 2

Jio Phone 2 launching

You would know that Reliance Jio has landed its feature phone market after achieving a major achievement in the price war in the telecom industry. 

Within a year, this company has reached the number one position, leaving behind other companies in the world of feature phones. Reliance Jio’s feature phones (Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2) have become quite popular in the Indian market. 

But it would not be wrong to say that the company’s business strategy has also contributed a lot to the success of this phone. In which the company is giving back the entire money of the phone to the customer after three years. In this case, this phone will be absolutely free for you.

Launching of Jio Phone 2

Reliance Industries launched Reliance Jio phone with another good deal in its 41st annual general meeting. The name of this deal is JioPhone Monsoon Hungama Offer. Under this deal, customers can replace the old feature phone and get the Jio Phone 2 for Rs 501.

In its annual general meeting, Jim launched the Jio feature phone 2 and at the same time promised to give three popular apps like WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook to the feature phone. Which is very popular in India. From August 15, the company has given these three apps to Jio feature phones through system updates.

This means that you can easily use these three apps in the Jio feature phone. Apart from the voice search option, the company has also added the feature of Google Assistant in the feature phone.

Whatsapp Now in Jio Phone 2

If you want, you can easily use the most famous social app WhatsApp in Jio feature phone. The interface to WhatsApp in JioPhone is quite easy. With this, you can easily send and receive messages and text on WhatsApp of your friends. You will see the contact list as soon as you open the app.

The interface of WhatsApp on this Jio feature phone looks the same as you see on a smartphone. But in this feature phone, it appears in small font. Apart from sending photos and videos from this phone, you can easily set your status. But the thing to note is that this app does not support voice and video calling.

YouTube App Support in Jio Phone 2

The YouTube app is the most widely used app in the world. This app shows the video content to all users. In this phone, you can easily watch these videos which look quite good according to the sound and streaming. You can easily search for any video on this app. Apart from this, you can enjoy this video by sitting in a room without earphones.

Facebook App Support in Jio Phone 2

The experience of using Facebook in the Jio feature phone will be the same as that of the web browser in Java and Symbian phones. Although the use of Facebook in the Jio feature phone after running Facebook on the smartphone will seem a bit odd. But Reliance Jio’s focus is on those who have not yet used the smartphone. In such a situation, those people will like this version of Facebook.

Google Assistant App Support in Jio Phone 2

Jio has also added the feature of Google Assistant to its feature phone. By which you can easily access apps and content through voice commands. For example, you can operate Facebook and YouTube. But you have to pay attention that in order to use this feature you must have a fast data connection. This feature makes this phone even better.


This feature phone of Rs 1,500 can quite useful for you. Although the app takes a little time to load in this phone, if you look at its specifications according to the price, then it can be a good and great phone. After the above mentioned three apps are added to this phone, now the demand for feature phones in the Indian market is expected to increase.

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