13 Best Way to Increase Website Traffic, For Beginners 2019

Website traffic kaise badhaye, best 13 guidence for begainers 2019

Website traffic

One of the most important things for a blogger is how to increase its website traffic. To drive more traffic on his blog, he adopts different types of methods. 

Today we will talk about some of these methods. By which you can easily bring traffic to your blog or website. If you implement these tips on your blog, then definitely your traffic will increase.

1. Write a Long Content

Whenever you write an article for your blog, then it should cover the entire topic. The blog or website which has more and more content then the ranking of that blog will increase automatically. 

You should know why this happens. Because you have written a quality content for your blog. Your content can only grow when you tell something in detail through your article.

If you do so, your article will become more lengthy as well as informative. You have to pay attention towards uniqueness of your content. Because Google gives preference to the such type article. 

If possible, you must post at least two posts in your blog in a week. In this way you will see incredible traffic over your blog in a few days. 

2. Social Media Advertising

If you are a blogger and doing blogging, you must know that using social media, you can easily increase Website Traffic. You should share the article whenever you write a post. 

You should pay attention to the promotion of more content than you write. By doing so you can maximize traffic to your blog. 

Because if you do not do the promotion then how will the people know that you have written an informative article. You can use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, to share content.

3. Choose Attractive Title

You have to decide a title before writing any article. Because you are going to write the whole article on this title. The title of any article decides what is in this article. 

Whenever people searches on Google, this title will comes in the Search Result. People will look at this title and decide whether to read it or not. In this case you should always choose an attractive title for your article. 

At the same time, your full content should be on the same title. Otherwise you may lose your valuable reader.If you write a correct title and a related article, the number of readers on your blog will increase automatically.

4. Remember Your Niche

There are so many people who write about a lot of things on their blog. But you should not do that. You write the content only on your blog Niche. If you do not do this then you will lose your reader. 

If you have a variety of content on your website, then in that situation the reader may get a little bit confused about exactly what is your blog Niche. So you have to decide what you want to tell, which area you have a lot of knowledge.

5. Place Image In Content

It has been noticed that just seeing something is  more understandable than reading something. So, when you write an article, you must pay attention to this fact. 

By doing so, you get a break in the middle of the long article. Because reading a long article can be a little bored. If you place an image into an article, the article becomes even more attractive. 

As well as your article becomes friendly to search engines. If you use the image, you must also use the ALT Tag in it. Your image should not be from direct download, otherwise a copyright issue may arise.

6. Use Best Focus Keywords

Most important point that in increasing the Blog Traffic keywords have an important role. This keyword is considered as a very important part of search engine optimization. These keywords are that which people search. 

So you should have a strategy to use these keywords in your article. Along with that you should distribute these keywords well in full article. Your entire article should be written on these keywords.

7. Add Inbound Outbound Link

Sometimes you have written about some product in your post. You should add a link to that product to your post. Because if people like this product then the can reach to the product by clicking on it.

Google likes this type of post a lot. By doing so you can easily bring people along with backlinks to that product. This is the best way to increase website traffic.

You should also give the link of your other articles in your post. So that people click on it and read your other articles. In this case your page view time will increase automatically.

8. Add Share Button

One of the most important points for your blogs. You must add some social share buttons in to article. Because when people read your posts and they like it they would be like to share your post. 

In this case your blog should have a sharing option. When they share your post, the more people will come to know about your post. This way your website traffic will increase automatically

9. Share It Again

Whenever you share your post, your post may be reached only a few people. In this case you should share your post again and again. No matter that when these posts were written.

You can share it at any time. You should never hesitate to do this. If you have written an informative article then you definitely share it.

10. Invite For Guest Post

By adopting this method, you can easily increase your Website Traffic. Because when you invite guest posts to your blog, the amount of content on your blog increases automatically. It works as a bonus for you. Because you did not work hard for it.

11. Add Video In Article

It may be a great idea to give a link to the video in your article. Whenever you write a post, you must also create a video on it. You can upload this video to YouTube. From there also you can get a huge amount of website traffic.

12. Website Promotion

You can also adopt this way of increasing website traffic. You can also take advantage of Google AdWords and Facebook. At these places you can promote your website in a lower budget. You can also boost your post here. So that your blog could reach many people.

13. Write Guest Post For Website

And at the end you can increase your Website Traffic by writing a guest post for someone. By doing so, you get a quality backlink. Because of which the number of readers on your website increases.


Friends, in today’s article we have learned about the most important factor of increasing traffic to a blog. If you apply these tips in to your blog then definitely your blog will get ranked in google. 

I hope you enjoyed this article, then please share it so that others can get the benefit of it. It will only take a few seconds to do this. Thank you 

Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read this article. 

Happy Reading & Happy Blogging


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