As soon as the technology is named, everybody thinks of learning something new. Every day we are making technology as a friend. It also benefits us a lot. We can do great things too easily in a short time. However, we are not unaware of how important technology is to us. Just as we are making technology a part of our life, then in this we need to know every aspect of it. That is, we should know some technology shortcuts and technology tips. Because if you do not apply them then you can not use it easily.

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In today’s article, we will talk about some of these technology tips. These can prove to be very useful for you. Some of these make your daily work even easier. I hope you like it and you will also learn something from it. Let’s start.

Best Technology tips!

Computer Technology Tips

    1. Do you want that your PowerPoint Presentation would open directly into a slideshow? then you have to save it as PPT.ppsx after that when you click on it it will directly open as a slideshow.
    1. If you want to compress your excel file then whenever your work finished just save it as .XLSB instead of .XLSX and you will get smaller file size reduced up to 75%.
    1. Many times you have been downloaded a file look like a pdf file. See If it has .exe extension, if yes then you don’t open or run it it is a virus program.
    1. Virtual private network (VPN) kya hota hai
    1. Sometimes we have Accidentally closed a tab while working on the computer. You can retrieve it by using ctrl+shift+t and closed tab will reopen.
    1. Most of the time You are using Timer feature of the phone for setting a timer but you can also use Google in the emergency. Type Set Timer in the google search bar and set Timer as per your requirement.
  1. You can Start your computer or laptop screen Recording by using keyboard Key. You have to Press Win key+ G to start screen recording in Windows 10.

YouTube Technology Tips

    1. Do you want to download a video as a music(mp3) on youtube? For doing so you have to type the “listento” after the “www.” in the URL while searching it on YouTube.
    1. Now you can download an any YouTube video directly by using ss just type it after www. in youtube Search Bar.
    1. Sometimes You don’t like some part of YouTube videos but don’t worry you can skip it by pressing 1, 2, 3 to jump 10%, 20%, 30% easily.
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  1. Nowadays everyone loves a good GIF? so you can download it from YouTube directly. To do so you have to enter “GIF” after “www.” and before “YouTube” in the YouTube Search Bar. After doing that your video will convert in GIF.

Mobile Technology Tips

    1. Everybody wants that their phone battery life will go longer then you have to fully discharge it and again charge from 0% to 100% once a week.
    1. If your mobile is password protected then you should write an emergency contact number on its lock screen. In case if any emergency or your phone has been lost than somebody can make a call to you.
    1. Do you unable to download an image form any website? here is a solution Take a screenshot of that image and crop it as per your requirements.
    1. To remove so many ads while playing your favorite game in the smartphone or laptop you should enable airplane mode. Now you can enjoy ads free games.
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    1. If your phone’s battery is low but you want to use it for a longer time. enable airplane mode instead of switching off because it consumes more battery.
    1. You are a fund of listening loud songs in your smartphone just keep it in the empty pot and see positive result of it.
  1. I think sometimes you have faced a problem that your phone got stuck, no problem put it in charging it’s free.

Google and Miscellaneous Technology Tips

    1. When you are using Google search then type “do a barrel roll” into Google Search Bar,  see the amazing result just try it.
    1. Don’t install any app which is not required and never allows them to access your personal data like Contacts, Messages etc. If you already have given then you can manage it in your phone’s Settings -> Privacy and safety -> App permissions.
    1. If you are shopping online and booking tickets. You can earn profit to do so browse that website in Incognito mode and see result. But if you refresh it, again and again, price will hike.
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    1. To save an image on Google directly you should try this tips – Press alt and click on the image and it will be saved in a desirable location.
  1. Do you want to play with google? it’s very simple, to do so go to and type “Google gravity” in google search and click on “I’m feeling lucky”. See the amazing Google Result. I am sure you will shock. Try it once…


Friends, today we know about some of the technology tips that you probably did not know. I hope this will be very useful for you. I hope you liked this article and now Do not forget to like it and share it. This will benefit others as well. We will meet again with a new useful article…

“Happy Reading and Happy Technical Day”

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