What is SSL aur TLS Certificate?

What is SSL and TLS certificate

Friends, if you are using the Internet then this article is very important to you. Whether you visit a website or use social media. Either you are doing transferring money online, then this information is very important to you.

Friends, keeping this in mind, I’m going to talk about SSL and TLS today. Both of these play a key role in today’s technology. There will hardly be anybody who does not know about it. If you do not know about it, then no problem today you will know. I have been fully explained in this article.

What is SSL and TLS Certificate?

If you do your work through the internet in daily life, then it is very important to know about it. This SSL or TLSs make your browsing safe. When you visit a website, there you see a green PadLock in the search bar.

Which means that the website is completely secure. If you share any data here, your data will be safe. All this is possible with the help of SSL or TLS. Let’s see what it this, and how it works.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Friends, you will know that somebody’s data is stolen at on the internet. Due to which the people’s personal data can be compromised. To avoid this, the owner of the website uses this certificate. SSL is a Secure Socket Layer. To say that the security layer on the Internet.

It means that it secures your internet connection. It protects the data you share on any other website. If you visit any such website, and you see Green PadLock. Which means that you don’t get any harmful result from that website. If you share here some sensitivity data here, then there is no danger of hacking it.

For example, when you do online shopping, you have to fill your account details. At that time you should note that the website should have Green PadLock. If that website has an SSL certificate then your data will be encrypted, and nobody can read it.

But if you are visiting a website which doesn’t have SSL then the data given here may be compromised. That means your data can be stored by a hacker. So I recommend you that don’t visit such type of website which not secure with SSL certificate.

What is TLS (Transport Layer Security)

Now, TLS means Transport Layer Security, which is the latest version of SSL. However, more and more people only know about SSL. But when someone takes an SSL Certificate for their website, it also takes the TLS Certificate together.

TLS is a Cryptographic Protocol that protects your data on a network. It encrypts your data which is shared by you. In fact, it is better than SSL, where you get advanced features. Because of TLS certificate, you see Green PadLock with the https (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) in the browser’s search bar.


Friends, hope you liked this article. Today, we learn about some important terms ( SSL and TLS certificate ) related to the Internet and also know how beneficial it is for us. If you like it, please share it.

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