How to increase battery life in smartphone – Best Useful Tips

How to increae battery life of smartphone

Nowadays, people can live without food but it is a little difficult to live without a smartphone. Just like technology is increasing, people are making this new technology a part of their lives. Many electronic gadgets are taking palace in the market every day.

One of them is the smartphone. Without it, we can’t leave a life. But you have to charge it for a long time using this Smartphone. In today’s article, we will know how to increase the battery life of a smartphone.

However, nowadays every single smartphone comes with a large capacity battery. But the problem is that they can run for one to two days only. But I’m sharing some tips so that you can increase your smartphone battery life.

How to increase battery life in a smartphone

Friends, everyone wants his smartphone battery life run longer. In this case, they do not want to charge their smartphones again and again.

For this, everyone takes various types of measures so that they are able to use their phone for a long time. Here are some tips I described below. If you use it correctly, then definitely you will be able to increase your smartphone battery life.

Useful Step for Increase Battery Life

As I have said earlier, above that how to increase the battery life of Android mobile. Let’s see one by one, which helps you to increase battery life.

Charger & Charging

First of all, you have to see if your mobile has fast charging support. If your phone supports fast charging then you should buy a good charger/adapter for your mobile. Because if you charge your mobile with a different charger then the phone takes more time to charge.

Although the fast charger’s adapter costs a little bit high. You will get it in the market for Rs 1000. But this will be beneficial for you. By using this, you can make your phone full charge in the shortest possible time.

You will also have to make sure that the charger you are using should be branded. Also, note that you do not charge your smartphone by connecting it in a laptop or computer.

Airplane Mode

This feature, which comes in every smartphone, is very awesome. You probably have seen it. Do you know what is the use of it? If you activate it then your mobile network is closed.

The advantage of this is that by turning on it in your smartphone your phone stops searching the mobile network. In this case, your phone battery consumption will be less. Your phone will be run for a long time.

Check Battery Status and Network Settings

When you charge your mobile, you make sure that your phone’s battery is not getting too hot. If this is happening then your phone’s battery is made of lithium-ion. It is bad for your smartphone.

It can be a nuisance that your battery quickly becomes unusable. Also, turn on some settings of your phone, such as GPS, WiFi, Mobile Internet Data and Bluetooth only when if it is required. Because if it is always on, then your phone’s battery can be drained out very quickly.

Auto Brightness and Display

This mobile setting makes a lot of effort to save the phone’s battery. If you enable this setting well then surely the positive result will be visible to you. To enable this, you have to turn on Setting → Display → Auto Brightness. 

When it is enabled, your mobile display senses the outside brightness and adjusts display brightness accordingly. For example, if there is a day, then it is a bit brighter and night, then it’s getting less bright. This gives you great benefits in saving battery life.

As it is possible then you should use the simple wallpaper in your phone because if you use live wallpaper or animated wallpapers, your phone’s battery will end soon.

Suggestion – If you see, everyone has a smartphone, but everyone has the same problem, how to increase the battery backup? According to me, you can overcome this problem by purchasing a good Power Bank. But before buying a Power Bank, make sure to the following tips: –

Capacity and Brand

Before you buy a Power Bank, you should keep some things in your mind. As such, that power bank should be branded and with a capacity of at least 10,000 mAh. Although branded power banks are slightly expensive, they last for a long time.

If you take a local brand then you may have to face a problem. But it’s up to you what you like, and what you need. Today, almost all phones are coming with 2 to 4 thousand mAh battery. If you have a 10,000 mAh Capacity power bank, you can charge your phone 3 times.

Background App

Friends, sometimes it happens that you open a lot of apps on your mobile. But you can use some of them at a time, but the rest of the app becomes minimized. All of these apps keep running in the background and your phone’s battery expires.

You don’t even know. So, whenever you are not using your phone, close these apps from Background. Apart from this, some apps are there which are autostart in the background when your phone is turned on.

You can manage it by going to your Phone Setting → Permission → Auto-Start App. This way you can increase your mobile battery life too.

How to Save Mobile Internet Data in Smartphone

Although this is not our topic, even if a smartphone is being talked about, then I have to tell you about it too. Friends, as you know, nowadays you are being given unlimited mobile data.

But these data are also given to you according to the daily average plan of 1 GB to 3 GB. Sometimes, it may have happened that this data has also fallen short for you. But I’m going to tell you some tips that can help you save mobile data to a great extent.

App Update

Updating the mobile app after a few days does not make any difference. So, if possible, you update those apps via WiFi. It saves mobile data in bulk.

Data Saver Setting

If you are browsing the Internet, then you are spending more data in it. That’s why you get a great setting in almost all browsers. For example, if you use Google Chrome, you can control mobile data by setting On / Off Setting → Data Saver.

Data Usage Setting

Since every phone has different settings, so I can not give any specific direction. But let me tell you that this type of setting is given in almost every smartphone.

With this setting, you can configure for data usage and allow that which app to use data who doesn’t. Such as you do data sync manually and download Google Maps for offline by using WiFi.

WhatsApp Data Usage

As you know that this app is very popular and everyone is using it. You are getting a lot of videos, images, GiF Image coming out here every day. Some of them are worthy and some are worthless.

But these are automatically downloaded, which will cost you a lot of mobile data. You can save mobile data by setting the WhatsApp setting → Data and Storage Usage → Media Auto-Download.


In today’s post, we have learned about how to save our smartphone/mobile battery and mobile internet data. Which is spent only in idle. Hope you like this article.

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