How to Get Free Organic Traffic from Google in 2019

Best Way to increase organic traffic

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I have come with one interesting but important article for you. I am quite sure that will be very useful.

Why Google Traffic Required?

I have some questions for you. Do you have less traffic on your blog? Do you want organic traffic? Did you have any idea how to bring organic traffic from search engines?

If you have all these problems then you are in the correct place. I will be more than happy to help you with this topic. I am going to share some tips on this which will definitely help you.

Everyone wants that his blog or article gets ranked in Google and shown on the first page. This type of thinking is very good. If your goal is to earn a good income through your blog then driving a Google traffic is to be your more concern.  

When you afford high payable social media partner to bring traffic then only you will be able to get free massive traffic on your blog.

If you are using social media to get traffic, then there will be chances to get high traffic. But this type of traffic is constant. In this case, getting huge traffic from Google makes matter. So I suggest making an effort towards getting organic traffic instead of getting traffic from a referral?

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So, move toward how to get organic traffic(Google Traffic). We will see it in deeply.

What is the benefit of Google Traffic?

As you all know, if anybody getting Organic traffic on his blog then he gets more benefit of it. Because traffic from Google gives tons of benefit to any blog. It’s best because it is completely free and coming from Google Searches. Other reason why traffic coming from Google is best. Let’s see

Completely Free

You don’t have to pay any cost for it. It’s Totally free. Because of this type of traffic not given by anyone. No one is scheduling it for you on a daily basis. Organic traffic from Google comes from internet users. The people searched and come to your blog through your Post URLs.

Will Increase automatically

There is no shortcut for gaining Organic traffic. If you are working hard and writing an SEO friendly article then Google traffic will increase automatically. You have to maintain consistency and be patient. It will grow exponentially.  

Your Sales will increase

Definitely, when people come on your blog through search, it means you have something unique for them. In another way, your website has that this for what they searched. In this condition, your revenue, as well as your sales, will automatically go up.

However, if you want that it will remain for a long period. So you have to struggle for it. Because google or other search engine algorithms keep changing time to time.

Anyways, let’s go deeper and we will learn about how to bring organic traffic from Google. Let’s get started:

Getting Free Organic Traffic From Google On your Blog [Ultimate Guide]

firstly, we will learn about what we should do before getting free traffic from Google. Being a Blogger you have to keep the following thing in your mind before starting any blog. If you follow these step then you definitely get organic traffic from Google. I am explaining it on by one:-

Best 3 Steps for Starting a New Blog

Before moving forward to Google traffic you need to follow the best 3 steps which are most important for any blog to get ranked in Google. I am sharing this because it works for me. So be assured of it it will definitely go to be helpful for you. This is an important step because everyone wants to get organic traffic from Google. So let’s see one by one:-

1 – Self Managed Web Hosting

So, friends, if you want your blog achieves ranking in Google than you have to buy a hosting. There is no doubt that Google prefers a self-hosted blog than any blog on a free platform.

If you are still using the free blogging platform then you are making a mistake. I suggest that you go for a self-hosted blog. If use self-hosted blog then you will be able to make your blog SEO friendly as well as more chances to get organic traffic on your blog.

When you use the self-hosted website, it is paid. Here you can host your blog that will live on the Internet. It’s not much cost, you can afford it.  I recommend you to go for the starter plan from any hosting company at the beginning. It will be better for you.

2 – Choosing of Correct Domain Name

Although everyone wants to buy a domain which contains the main keywords. But it is not necessary for achieving your goal. Many websites had to get a ranking in Google without any keywords.

If you buy a domain with keywords it will not make any difference in SEO. Also, it is very difficult to find a domain with the main keyword. So you can skip this step. But if you get a domain with main keywords then you are very lucky.

Pro Tips – for Domain Selection

  • Try One Keyword with a unique name
  • Select your Brand/Business A brand name
  • Choose an attractive name
  • It should be easy to Remember
  • Not to be lengthy
  • It should be Unique

So friends don’t struggle for a domain which has keywords. You can try the above tips. At the starting, I also don’t have any idea to select domain names.

3 – Installing of Premium and Fast Theme

At the starting, I also looked for a free theme. But they unable to satisfy me. Because their loading time was more. Free theme is not so much user-friendly and they don’t have extra customization options.

So I moved from free to premium and found more positive results. It was my correct decision. When I bought a premium theme and installed in my blog. After that my blog loads fast and it has a beautiful design also.

A premium theme has an extra customization option so that you can make your blog more beautiful. You can add more layout according to your needs. That’s will make your blog extraordinary and user-friendly experience to your reader.  the

Pro Tips – In my view if you made a blog then buy a premium theme. It will make your Blog SEO performance better. Because premium themes are SEO Ready, Responsive and Fast Loading. It will increase your page speed also.

And that is Best 3 Steps which is very important when you start a new blog. You must try this. Now we will move ahead on the final topic, how to get more organic traffic from Google search.

The Best 8 Way to Get Free Organic Traffic From Google Search [Step by Step Guide]

How to get free organi Traffic on blog
How to get free organic Traffic on the blog

Now we have reached the main topic that how to get free Google traffic on your blog. So friends read it carefully. It’s very much important for all my readers.

I am going to share my past experience that what I have learned and how I get free genuine organic traffic. So read it fully and implement it on your blog to drive Google search traffic at free of cost.

Just do a favor for me if you like this article, then share it so others can get benefited from this article. Because sharing is all about caring and it also motivates me for making more effort.

1 – Select Your Niche/Topic as per Interest

Choosing a main topic or niche for your blog is always the best decision. When someone suggests that select a topic according to your interest that means they have some experience. If you have taken a unique niche then you will gain good organic traffic on your blog. Don’t make your blog like mush.  

You can divide your main topic into subcategories according to requirement. But you have to select one main and major niche for your blog at the starting. You also make sure that the content created by you should be on it. Then only your blog, as well as content, will be ranked in Google search. Creating the content on a unique niche gives value to your blog as well as beneficial for SEO.

Creating a blog on a random topic is always a bad idea. So it is better to start a blog on any organization, health, beauty, technology, gadgets, books, and many more trending topic. These are the main niche you can choose it’s micro niche also. So I recommend you to select less competitive Niche.

A sometimes less competitive niche can be boring but because of less competition, it ranked fast on google. This type of niche has always enough subcategories to create nice content.

Pro Tips:- always keep this thing in your mind that choose that Niche or Topic which can be subcategorized further. Don’t run behind the others. 

2 – Always Do Keywords Research

As you all know that organic traffic will come through search engines itself. So for this, your blog, as well as your content, should be shown on search results. If you want that then you should be master of keywords research.

This keyword should be as that people often searching on the internet. So you have to optimize your blog and content according to the right keywords. These keywords always help your blog and content in getting ranked in Google search.

There is no other option for ranking and making your blog compete with others blog. Let’s move ahead and see some pro tips for getting the best Keywords for your blog and articles.

  • Always low competition and high search volume keywords.
  • If possible then use long tail keywords in your article.
  • Select keywords which are related to your Niche.
  • Always think about the bad part of the keywords.

3 – Create Always SEO Friendly Content

Someone said that Content is King. He is right. Choosing the right keyword is not enough for ranking. Unless you don’t write a content which is SEO optimized there is no benefit of it.

So I suggest you to Learn how to write an SEO Optimized article with the correct explanation. Don’t lose the of your content. So keep the following things in your mind when you create content for your website:-

  • Write high quality and informative content which attract the readers. It will increase your organic traffic on your blog.
  • Always create a content which is on a trending topic, new and updated.
  • Insert relevant focus keywords in your post.
  • Make sure your content should be for your reader not for Google.
  • Try to deliver better content compare to your competitors.

Honestly, if you really want to generate free organic traffic from Google then you have to write high quality and unique content which should be well researched. Add proper and relevant focus keywords in it. Don’t increase density if keyword in your post. Your content should be meaningful not with keywords. No one likes to read this type of content.

4 – Write Content on Trending and Fresh Topic

Any blog which ranking in Google because of its content. When you spend more time writing a blog then definitely you will be able to deliver high-quality content to your reader. Your content should be like that after reading the article, readers should become fond of your blog.

But for this, you have to work hard with smartly. It doesn’t make any difference either you write 10 articles or 30 articles per month. The valuable content makes a difference. Your content should be unique, informative and interesting. Writing of this type of articles will take time, please give.

If situations persist or your content requires any images or video to describe something please don’t ignore it. Google always gives preference to those blogs or websites which have already new fresh unique and informative content.

So whenever you plan to write content, I suggest don’t do it without any planning. Firstly, do research on it, gather all relevant information about it. After that start writing. Use correct keywords hand heading into the content make it as meaningful as possible. But keep this thing in your mind that your content should be for the reader not for Google. Give more value to your reader.

5 – Make Good Quality Backlinks for Your Blog

I think you all know about backlink and its Importance need not explain it. It is very helpful in off page SEO. It helps in ranking as well as getting more visitors to a blog. If you have the ability to create high-quality backlinks for your blog then it will help in improving SEO and getting organic traffic to your blog.

But I Am sure it is very difficult for newbie bloggers. There are many ways to create high-quality backlink for any blog or website. But, I am going to share some of them useful and easy tips which will definitely help you.

  • Guest Post for Other:- Did you really want to make a quality backlink for your blog? I would like to recommend you just do a guest post on the same niche. If you do this then there are two benefits. The first one you will get quality backlinks and the second one you can compare with them.  At the same time, you can gain some visitors from there. That will motivate you to write for them also.
  • Comment on Others Article:- It also the best idea for creating backlinks. By doing so you will not get backlink directly but it helps you in another way.
  • Exchanging of Links:- If you have unique high-quality content then you can ask for a link exchange on the same niche. Sometimes they agree and sometimes maybe not. But most of the time they agree to share your links on their website because Backlinks matter all blogger.

Pro Tips:- While creating a backlink Make sure, you are creating with reputed and high DA, PA Blog/Website. It played a major role in ranking your blog.

6 – Modify and Update Your Old Articles

It is very important to point and you should never ignore it. Because at the starting we have written many articles. They might be without SEO and focus keywords. Even they don’t have a meta description. Because at that time we don’t have any idea about how to write an SEO optimized post.

Long time I ignoring this thing, but on the day I saw my one post an I shocked. That time I come to know that what I have done mistake. Now I started updating my post and getting a positive result in traffic.

When you update your old post make sure correct all mistakes and add some new content in it. Make it more meaningful and SEO friendly. This activity is going to help you in bringing traffic and increasing revenue.

Here are some important steps which you have to follow when you update your old post. Let’s go one by one into it:-

  • Include some extra and new material.
  • Add correct focus keyword at right place.
  • Insert your main keywords in the meta description and make it clickable.
  • Modify the heading and subheading.
  • Do proper image SEO.
  • Add keywords in image ALT Tag.

7 – Be Creative, Not Crazy

While writing any content, adding a creative idea is the best idea. Don’t write any content for only gaining traffic. Never try to write any content on a typical topic. Go simple and write content which has creative and unique ideas.

In another way, you can make an infographic to explain something and tutorials series also. Making of “step by step” blog post on any niche will also help you in driving organic traffic on your blog. This will make you different from your competitors.

8 – Have Patient

And last but not least, never ever lose your hope. Maintain your consistency towards your blog and blog posts. Don’t show much eagerness to traffic. It will take time to grow. Always focus on delivering unique and informative content.

Because organic traffic from Google search may take six months or one year and more in some cases. Nowadays, everyone wants organic traffic. So competition has increased, in this case gaining organic traffic may take time.

Many professional bloggers said that one small SEO change takes time to generate results for your blog. So don’t worry move ahead with your strategy and monitor your blog progress.


My dear reader, finally we have reached a conclusion of this post. Above in the full article, you learned about all major and easy tips by which you can generate free organic traffic from google search. There are two most important points were there and these are Self-managed Hosting and investing in Premium Themes.  

Once again, let’s go through all the main points which I covered in this article for gaining organic traffic from Google.

  1. Select Your Niche/Topic as per Interest
  2. Always Do Keywords Research
  3. Create Always SEO Friendly Content
  4. Write Content on Trending and Fresh Topic
  5. Make Good Quality Backlinks for Your Blog
  6. Modify and Update Your Old Articles
  7. Be Creative, Not Crazy
  8. Have Patient

So, friends, today we have learned together and interesting and new tips. I hope you will implement these tips on your blog. If you like this article please like and share, so others can also get benefits of it.

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If you have any query or feedback then please comment. I will definitely react to this. Now, that is all I will come back with another useful article.

Happy Reading and Happy Blogging

Thanks for giving me your valuable time.

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