How to get Adsense approval quickly in 2019

List of content in Article Strategy for Approval of Google AdSense  QuicklyWhy your Application get RejectedVery less and low-quality contentPage style and LookCreate important pages for your BlogImportant things to before applying for Google Adsense approvalAlways publish unique/high-quality articlesVerify yourself by using the name and emailHaving enough unique and quality content on Blogwebsite Design and PerformanceCategory/Topic of ContentDomain AgeNo third-party ad networks:How to prevent your Google AdSense account from getting suspended?Invalid click and self clicklinking of illegal contentSending ads through emailAdding illegal Alt textModification of Adsense codeHow to increase AdSense revenueAds Size & location:In-article AdsAdding too many Ad-NetworkUse AdSense LAB … Continue reading How to get Adsense approval quickly in 2019