How to get Adsense approval quickly in 2019

How to get Adsense approval quickly in 2019 1

Hey friends! Do you have a blog? Is it Adsense approved? If no I am going to share the best check off list for getting AdSense approval quickly.

Just go through it you will get approval in a very soon. Let’s get started

Strategy for Approval of Google AdSense  Quickly

Nowadays, Google AdSense is very very particular about the quality of pages/Blog/Website on which he is about to approve for showing their ads.

So, it is really very important for you to keep only high quality and unique content or pages on your website. I mean to say that about quality content or pages should have easy navigation, responsive and looks like a professional website. 

In Spite of having this type of website, you need to keep few things in your mind Before applying for Google Adsense. So that the probability of approval will be increased.

Why your Application get Rejected

Very less and low-quality content

As all of you know that Google Adsense is one of the oldest and famous ad networks in the world. Most of the website wants to show ads of Google AdSense on their pages or blog post.

For this, they have to approve by Google Adsense to show ads. Because of his popularity and reputation, Google has made a very strict rule for getting Adsense approval. If You wants that your website also has Google Adsense and then you have to publish website high quality and unique content on your website.

Before you apply for this you have to make sure that your content is understandable and grammatically correct. If you will not do this Adsense will disapprove your application straight away.

6 Important blogging tips which make your blog successful

so if you want that your website gets approved by AdSense easily then you don’t compromise with the quality. If you have at least 20 unique and high-quality posts than the possibility of Adsense approval will be more.

Page style and Look

A style and design of any blog and website play a very important role in AdSense approval. Suppose you visited a blog or website which have too many colours and so many options.

Did you like it? I am sure you not. This is the importance of design and look. If your blog has a simple, clear design and easy navigation which is created value to the user. Then Google prefers this type of website.  

don’t make it complicated and colourful. Because the user will to your blog for some knowledge which you shared here not to see your website colour.

So if you have a blog or planning to make a blog then make it as simple as possible with clear navigation.

Create important pages for your Blog

These are the most valuable things for the website. By doing this you are adding more value to the user and expressing trust towards Google. There are certain pages which are required according to google. The following pages are required.

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy policy (Must)
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms and conditions (optional)

The above-mentioned pages describe more about you and your blog. If you don’t have these pages on your blog it means you are either fake or suspicious in the eyes of Google.

Note:-The Privacy policy page is a very important page in getting the approval of Google Adsense.

Violation of Google Adsense policies

In any case, you must have to follow the rules and regulations of Google Adsense. There is no consideration of policy violation.

I mean to say that you have to create a unique content which makes sense with grammatically correct. Don’t use stuffed keyword. Don’t copy content from anywhere it will give you plagiarism penalty.

Other than that when you are applying for Google Adsense your blog should have organic traffic, not paid traffic.

Important things to before applying for Google Adsense approval

Always publish unique/high-quality articles

It is very important to write a unique and informative Content that give value to the reader who came to your blog for gaining something. As you know that Content is the king. This type of content drives massive traffic to your blog.

So having high-quality content on your blog increases the probability of AdSense approval along with high revenue. This type of blog is appreciated by a blog which adds value to their user.

Google AdSense ka upyog karke paise kamaye, puri jankari

I will suggest to my user who really wants that their application gets approved by AdSense quickly, they have to Forget the revenue. If your blog and article not adding any value to their reader, it will never rank in Google.

If you somehow manage to get the approval of Google Adsense, the low-quality content will never rank and you will not be able to bring any revenue.

Important Note:- You should always write a longer post so that you can add more focus keywords. By doing this you get a high possibility to rank in search engines.

Verify yourself by using the name and email

Nowadays every app and reputed website asking to verify you by any means. If you have a blog or website then your contact us page should have correct information about you.

Which will well visible to the user as well as Google. If you will do this then it would be easy for Google Adsense to verify you as a genuine person, not a robot.

Having enough unique and quality content on Blog

There is nothing in writing that how many posts required for AdSense approval. Many bloggers get approval with less than 10 posts and many of them get rejected with too many posts.

Like me, I got my website approved AdSense with 20 posts. So I think if you have this amount of unique/high-quality content on your website then you will definitely get AdSense approval.

But you have to keep in your mind that these posts should be very informative and well-structured writing. You should never compromise with the quality of content and also maintain it after getting approved.

website Design and Performance

Your blogs Speed, design and overall performance play a very important role in getting approved. Because no one has time to wait until your website fully load.

In Spite of having good content, if your blog is slow your user gets irritated to see it and will leave your blog. As earlier said that if the content is king than your vlog performance is Queen.

By it, you are getting high revenue. The following things you need to improve on your website to get Adsense approval quickly:-

  • Easy Navigation
  • Simple and plain design
  • Meaningful/correct Menus
  • Required widgets
  • Do proper SEO
  • Fast Loading Pages

Category/Topic of Content

Google is very strict towards Niche or Topic of your Content. According to Google privacy and policy, he does not accept your application if you have a blog or content on following topic or niche:-

  • Piracy Content
  • Adult content
  • Article on Hacking
  • Drugs
  • illegal Based content

Domain Age

Domain age is another important factor in getting the approval of Google Adsense. Your website should be at least 5 to 6 month old so that you have enough number of post and constant traffic. After that, if you get the approval you can earn a good amount from it.

No third-party ad networks:

If you want to get Adsense approval quickly your website should not have any third party ads.

Because Google prefers fresh blog rather than a blog which have third-party ads running. So if you are going to apply for Google Adsense, make sure your blog doesn’t have any other ads.

If you have already other ad networks ads on your blog then remove it at the time of applying for Google Adsense. When you get approval from Google you can show it again.

AdSense approval tricks

How to prevent your Google AdSense account from getting suspended?

after getting the application approved you need to do the following things which will definitely prevent your AdSense account Safe.

Invalid click and self click

This is very dangerous for your AdSense account. Because nowadays Google is tracking all ads click.

If it is invalid or clicks by you, Google will understand in fraction of second that it is not an organic click. In this case, the chances of account suspension are very high.

linking of illegal content

It is another factor that will because of account suspension. If you are linking an illegal content in your post then ads will be disabled. So I suggest don’t link any less trustworthy source in your blog post.

It will down your ranking as well as revenue. If you keep doing this your continuously you account will be suspended. So keep away your blog from piracy site, adult sites, and other low graded sites.

Sending ads through email

Never send any advertisement in email. It is trending now but you don’t. Google has banned all such accounts because it is against their policies.

Adding illegal Alt text

Many more bloggers are doing this to increase their revenue and earnings. They are linking ads in embedded form for getting more click. Like Click here button, pop-up to get rid of it. This is also against Google policy.

Modification of Adsense code

Google is giving permission to modify your ads code. So you are free to customize the ad so as to match your website/content looks like. But making it totally like your content to get more clicks is not permitted.

So I suggest that if you are able to customize your ads like content, don’t do it. It will lead you to troubles.

Important Note:- Hey guys Do not place ads in 404 pages, exit pages, log in or thank you pages. It will be harmful to you.”

How to increase AdSense revenue

Ads Size & location:

If you looking for more click and wants to increase revenue than Place your ads as a fold and also try for link based and banner format ads. These are the same.

It’s just that location of ads which makes the difference in your revenue. Here are some ads size which is best in various location

  • 336×280
  • 300×250
  • 728×90 Header or Footer
  • 160×160

In-article Ads

When any user comes to read your post and scrolling through the posts on your website then there will be a huge chance to click on ads. So you can place ads in between article.

This type of ads called contextual ads and these are highly relevant to the content which has more click & you

Adding too many Ad-Network

My dear user, I suggest that don’t run too many Ad-Network on your blog. Because many advertisers have low CPC ads.

In this case, you will get very less Revenue. So you can block these type. By doing this you can place other high CPC ads at the place of them.

Use AdSense LAB Experiment

This is the most useful features given by Google AdSense. Once you get the approval of AdSense you will be able to use this feature.

This will provide you with a better combination of ads Which is based on location, page, post, and section. So that you will get more revenue.

10 Best Way to Increase Traffic on Your Blog in 2019

If you don’t have any idea you can just create auto ad code and place it on a web page. Google will automatically run relevant ads according to your article and Niche.

This is the best way if you have less knowledge than how to create ads for your post as well as location. Apart from these detailed you can just refer the official website and read full guidelines.

You can get more knowledge about policy and terms and conditions of AdSense. So it will become very easy for you to handle your account.


So in the end, we have learned a trick that what to do before applying for Google AdSense? What are the precautions should take to prevent AdSense account to get banned?

How to get high revenue? There is no doubt that AdSense is much better than other ad networks among Blogger. Its approval is a little bit hard but not so hard. You can get approval easily if you have enough number of good quality content.

So the bottom line of its approval is the high quality and unique content. If you are able to provide high-quality content with adding value to users, then you are going to earn huge money from Google Adsense.

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