How to Create Free Blog on Blogger, Step by Step Guide for 2019

How to Create Free Blog in Blogger

If you are worried about how to create a Free Blog, then you are in the right place. Today I will teach you to create a Free Blog. are you ready? Well, there are many platforms available on the internet where you can start blogging by making a free blog.

Such as WordPress, Wix, Blogger etc. You can create a blog on any topic which you like. But today we will learn about Google’s Platform Blogger. In this article, we will learn step by step how to create a blog free on Blogger.

What is blogging?

Friends Before you create a blog, you need to know what is blogging? So let me tell you that blogging is an art through which you can share some knowledge and your experience on the internet. This knowledge can be beneficial to anyone.

Suppose you wrote an article about the computer and published it on the internet. When someone searches for a computer, he can learn everything about the computer by reading the article written by you.

But to do this you must have a blog. You can make this blog free and spending some money. But I will teach you to create a blog for free.

Where to do Startups

If you are new and planning to start your blogging career then I recommend Blogger. Here you can further enhance your blogging ability and you can learn more about blogging.

After spending some time you can earn money by monetizing it. Let’s talk about this later, our topic is how to create a Free Blog. So we will move towards it. Before moving forward, you have to know some things.

Note: – You can also add a custom domain to it if you wish.

What is a Blogger?

Blogger is a platform where you can start your blogging career by making a blog for free. Blogger is a Google product, and everyone knows Google and its product. You can believe at its product blindly. Well, just leave these things.

To create a blog on Blogger you just need a Gmail account. If you have then ok otherwise you have to create.

Tips to Create Free Blog

Now, you have to follow the following methods. If you follow these methods described below properly then you can create a beautiful blog very easily. After this, you can start blogging.

Free Blog Kaise Banaye Step by Step Guide for 2019

  • After this, you have to click on Create Blog. Then you will have a new window open. After this, you will have to sign up with your Gmail Account.
Free Blog Kaise Banaye Step by Step Guide for 2019

Now you have to fill something which is as follows:

  1. Give the name of your blog. On which you are going to write an article. This title is the identity of your blog, on what topic your blog is made up.
  2. You have to select the URL of the blog here which just looks like the URL of a website( In the same way, you can select the URL of your blog. Such as

Note:- You get a sub-domain here because you create a blog for free on Blogger. If you wish, you can remove it later by using a custom domain.

  • After that, you proceed with clicking Create Blog. This way your blog will be created. Now you can choose a theme according to your choice for your blog. If you do not like the themes given here, then you can search for free themes in Google. From search results, you can download free Blogger Theme. If you are willing to spend some money then you can buy a Premium Theme. After that, you can give a professional look to your blog.

How to Install Theme

Friends, you can install themes in your blog and give it a looks like a website. When you download a Blogger Theme (whether it is free or you have purchased) then you get an XML file in it. Now you have to upload it to your blog. You have to go to your blog to upload. After this, the following methods have to be followed. There will be something like this in your blog’s Dashboard.

Free Blog Kaise Banaye Step by Step Guide for 2019

You will see some options on the left side.

  1. You have to click on the theme option. After that, a new window will open in front of you. There you will see like the image above.
  2. Here you will see the Restore/Backup option in the top Corner in Right Side. Now you have to click on it. After that, you will look like the image given below.

Free Blog Kaise Banaye Step by Step Guide for 2019

Here you will see some more options.

  1. In this window, you Can back up the old theme. Which you can use later if you wish.
  2. Click on Browse and choose the XML file of the theme which you have been Downloaded (Free or Buy).
  3. Upload: – Once the theme’s XML file is selected, you will have to click on the Upload button. After that, your theme will be successfully uploaded or will be installed within a few seconds.

Important: – You have to customize this theme according to your requirements by clicking on the Layout option on the right side. Only then can you give your blog the look of a website.

Some Important Pages

Now you have customized the theme according to your niche and your needs. You have to create some important pages for your blog. Which is very important for any blog. It comes under Google’s GuideLines. These pages are as follows: –

  • About Me
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy

About Me will have to be made according to your preferences. But you can make the rest of the pages by any free tools which are available on the Internet for free. After successful creation of page content, you have to copy it. To write these pages in your blog.

you have to click on the Page option on the left side of your dashboard. After that, you write the title of Page and then paste copied content in the empty space below. After that, save and publish it. You can also create a page as we learn how to write the content in the next step.

How to Write Post

So we have created a Gmail account, created a blog on Blogger, uploaded a theme, created an Important Page for Blog, now we will write an article. So let’s start Step By Step and Learn how to write an article and how to publish it. To write an article, you will have to click on the Post option on the left side of your dashboard and then click on New Post. You will now have a page open like the one is given below.

Free Blog Kaise Banaye Step by Step Guide for 2019

In this window, you will see many options. We will see it one by one.

  1. Post Title – Here you will write the title of your article. Such as how to create a Free Blog which will appear when you search on Google.
  2. Format Panel – From this panel, you can select Font, Size, Color, Heading, Subheading, Link, Image, Video, Emoji, Language etc. of your article.
  3. Article Page – This is where you write your entire article. You have to write a unique article. Do not copy paste from anywhere. Your content must be at least 500 words.
  4. Label – in this, you will write Label for your article. This label indicates what topic/category of your post is on.
  5. Permalink Here you can write your post URL according to SEO. You must do this.
  6. Search Description – In this, you will write all the keywords that are related to your article. This is what people search on Google.
  7. Save – You can save the post by clicking here.
  8. Preview – Click on it to see a preview of your article, it shows how your post and how it looks like.
  9. Publish – If everything is okay then you can click on it to upload to the internet.


Now you have written a successful article and uploaded it on the internet. Now you have to do some important settings in your blog. Which we will read in the next article. Stay with me and keep learning something new. Today we learned that to create Free Blog, ad some other related things.

Thanks for giving me your precious time

Happy Reading and Happy Blogging 

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