What is Focus Keyword, Correct Placement of Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword kya hai | Correct place to use Focus Keyword

What is the Focus Keyword?

Every blogger knows about keywords and their importance. The Focus Keyword of any article is that on which you want to rank your blog. Because these are the same words that people search in the search engine. 

If you use the right keywords in your blog, then people can easily access your article. If you want, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to make Focus Keywords even better. It analyzes your article and gives you the Best Focus Keyword Suggestions.

Focus Keyword Role in SEO

If you write new SEO Friendly Articles daily for your blog, this is a great thing for your website. If you use good Focus Keyword in these articles then your article may rank very soon. 

Google also cares about how active you are on your website. Also, how many posts do you update on your blog? So that if you are using good keywords in your content. 

The chances of ranking will increase. Google also gives priority to such content. But the question is how to choose Focus Keyword for your blog? And how would you use it? This is most difficult when you write a long article. 

Because your post is bigger si problem is that where should I use these keywords. But I’m writing this post to make this work easier. Today, we will talk about some tips that will help you in using these keywords easily. 

Where to Use the Focus Keyword

So friend, now I am going to tell you the correct placement of focus keywords. Just follow the step to do in a better way. Let’s get started:- 

1. Use it in the Title

When you write a high-quality article on a particular keyword then you have to rank it too. It would be better to use the Focus Keyword in the title of this article. It is also good for SEO. If possible, you should write these keywords at the beginning of the title. 

Doing so may rank your post quickly. Another advantage of this is that when you use an attractive title with a catchy keyword, it forces people to click them. After seeing such type of title, people will come to know about your article easily.

2. Use Proper Density Of Keywords

If you are using Focus Keyword in your article then Its quantity should not be high. You have to divide it according to the length of the article. If your post is for 500 words, then you can use up to 6 keywords in it. 

Otherwise, it is up to you how much keywords you are using. If you use more keywords then your article will become a mountain of keywords. It’s better to write synonyms for these keywords. So I request don’t increase the density of keywords.

3. Do Keyword Research

Now you have written an article. After this, you have to rank it also? Now you have to do one thing. The keywords used in the article must be researched. 

You Need to know how much these keywords are searched in Google. You can take advantage of Google AdWords for doing keyword research for your blog.

4. Check Search

You should now know the search value of these keywords. Whether the Focus keywords used by you, do they rank in Google or not? You can use Google tools to check this. 

You should always choose trending keywords. If you know the search value of these focus keywords, then you also know how many people search for it. How much is the competition on these keywords? 

So if you are going to write an article on a long Focus Keyword, then you should pay attention to the above-mentioned points.

5. Use It as Image ‘ALT’ Tag

If you use the Focus Keyword as the ALT tag of the image, it is very useful in terms of SEO. Although this looks a little bit odd, what do you have to do with it? You just have to make it SEO Friendly. 

The title of your post determines what is in your article. Just like an ALT tag of an image tells you what’s in your image. How you do this work it depends on you.  


So, my dear friend, we have just learned about focus keywords, the importance of keywords and how to use it correctly. I hope it will be helpful for you in future. 

If you like this article then please share it so that others can also get benefits of it. It will take a few minutes to do so. It will motivate me a lot.

Happy Blogging

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