What is Encrypted Data & Decrypted Data? Full Details


Nowadays technology is growing so fast. In this case, every day, we are adopting it. We all know the internet is not safe. So that every person wants whatever data they have to be safe. For this, we use many different methods (encrypted data and decrypted data).

So that you can save your data from being stolen. Whether it is your data that you share on the Internet. But today is the time of technology, and thus it is now a little difficult to protect your data or personal data on the internet. 

But it is not so difficult, you can keep it safe by adopting some methods, In this era of technology. By using encryption and decryption you can secure your data on your smartphone, the computer on the Internet. 

In today’s post, we will discuss that what is encrypted data is decrypted data and how it works? what will be the benefit and loss to you when you use it. 

What is Encrypted Data & Decrypted Data?

No one is unaware of the term data encryption and decryption. Everyone who uses the Internet is very familiar with this term. If we talk about the internet, then whatever data you share on the internet whether it is personal or not. He is not safe in any way. 

But if you want, you can keep these data safe by encrypting it. By doing this, your data cannot be miss-used by any Hacker and your data will remain safe. I mean to say that you have to keep your personal and other data encrypted.

How does it work?

If you encrypt and share your data on the Internet. It is completely safe and less chance of stealing. All the big companies keep encrypting their data so that nobody can steal this data and misuse it. 

This encryption process is especially used in online banking or online money transactions so that your personal data is kept protected. Because the data used in this process is very important and sensitive. If someone steals this data then it can hurt you a lot.

What is Encrypted Data

Data encryption is a process by which you can convert your data into a format that makes difficult to read to any other person. After doing this, even if someone steals your data, he cannot read it.

In this case, these data have become useless for him. If somehow he able to changes the format of this data, then he will not understand its true meaning. This way your data remains safe, and it can’t be misused. See below for an example

Original Data

This is my account number 123667589

Encrypted Data

a # b12 $% msj * &% 95ddjf

You can see above that the original data can be read easily. Because it is written in normal words. But if you encrypt this data, then its format gots changes. Which is impossible to read, or it is difficult to explain. 

You cannot understand it unless you decrypt it. But to decrypt it you will need a password. Even if someone steals your data, they cannot understand it. He will need a password to decrypt this data and to understand it better. In this way, your data is completely safe.

What is Decryption

You use the process of decryption only when you have to read and explain any encrypted data or file. You can easily read and understand any data or file by decrypting it. 

To decrypt this data and to understand it better, a password will be needed which you used to encrypt that data or file. If you don’t have that password, then you cannot read & understand its meaning.

Encrypted Data

a # b12 $% msj * &% 95ddjf

Decrypted Data

This is my account number 123667589

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • If you encrypt the data, your data or documents are completely safe.
  • Your data remains safe even after it is stolen.
  • You should encrypt only that data or documents which is very important to you, and which are heavily damaged after being stolen.

Important Point to Remember

Always make sure that you encrypt that data or document which is valuable to you and remember the password of that encrypted document well. If you forget the password, you will never decrypt that document. If this happens, you will lose important data. Due to which you may face serious issues in future.


In this article, I have covered what is encrypted and Decrypted data? Why it is required? How does it work? and what are the advantages and disadvantage of it?

I hope you have gained some knowledge of encrypted data and Decrypted data. I hope this will help you a lot in future. If you do this you can protect your data from being a hack.

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