Blogger vs WordPress vs Wix – Which one is Better?

Blogger vs WordPress vs Wix. Which one is better?

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Hello friends! Welcome back again with another useful article. Every new blogger wants to create his blog or website on the best platform. Where he can fully customise and give it a wonderful look.

But there are too many CMS(content management system) available on the internet. So it a little bit confusing that which platform we choose. Some of the blogging tools are free and some are paid.

Both (free and paid) or best depending on your preference. According to your business and budget, you can choose any of them. There are many features and certain limitations in free and paid website buildings tool.

Overview of Website Building Tools

Although the availability of various website building CMSs, WordPress and WiX are more popular among all CMS. They have a lot of user-friendly features. If you are going for a completely free platform then I recommend Blogger. But remember it has many limitations.

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Nowadays, WordPress and Wix are most popular websites building CMS. There are more than 160 Lakhs website on WordPress and 10 Lakhs on Wix, already running. It is an approximate number of website. These platforms are made for all type of users, whether they are experts or newbie. It’s doesn’t matter at all. These platforms are preferred by both users.

Note:- WordPress and Wix both are available in the paid and free version. But Blogger is completely free. If you use a custom domain in blogger then you have to buy a domain.

Blogger vs WordPress vs Wix. Which one is better (Pro and Cons)

There are many blogging platforms available in the markets but few of them are the most popular. Like Blogger, WordPress and Wix. Depending on the requirements and budget, you can try any of them. Each one having different features and limitations according to usage.

Let go one by one, we will learn feature and limitations. So let’s get started:-

What is Blogger?

It is a totally free platform provided by Google, where you can easily create your own blog. You need not pay any cost for this. But if you want to add any custom domain to this blog then you have to buy a domain.

As know that blogger is a Google product so you will get instant access to other tools provided by Google such as Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools easily.

Blogger is very beneficial for those people who want to create their first blog at free of cost and wants to earn money from Google Adsense.

This platform is always very helpful for newbie blogger who wants to start their Blogging career. For building a beautiful blog on blogger you need little bit HTML Coding. There are many themes (free and paid) are available for blogger. You can give a good website look to your blog by some customisation and putting responsive theme or template.

Let’s see it the advantages and disadvantages of the blogger:-

Advantages of Blogger

  • Blogger is totally free of cost for everyone.
  • You can earn money by using Google Adsense and other ad networks.
  • You can use google analytics in it for monitoring your blog traffic.
  • Also, you can use other tools provided by Google to make your blog better.
  • Customisation of your blog is very easy with HTML code.
  • Your blog will be hosted on the google server.
  • Need not pay any hosting expenses.

Disadvantages of Blogger

  • You can use the standard theme.
  • There is a limited feature in it.
  • You can not use any plugins.
  • The optimisation cannot be done at a high level.
  • Standard SEO (search engine optimization)
  • No control on your data because your data is hosted on google server.  

What is WordPress?

Nowadays, WordPress is very popular among all CMS available in the market. So that if you want to make a pretty website than WordPress is best for you. This is a totally free content management system for all user which achieves 25% of website market share in the world.  It has plenty of theme and plugins collection along with user-friendly and various functionality.

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Because of this, it is easy to use by anyone. At the same time, it considered the best CMS by millions of blogger. You can make all type of website on it in a very short time. Now we will learn about some great features of WordPress let’s get started:-

Simple and User-Friendly Feature

WordPress is an Open Space for any Improvement and Growth for all. It permits you to create all type of website design. Also allows you to install any free or premium themes and plugins. By using these themes and plugins you will be able to make a beautiful website on WordPress. In a very short time, you will get used to its features.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

As you know that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of any blog or articles is how much important. Without this, you will not get any ranking in any search engine.

So making this easy WordPress has Apart built-in SEO-friendly functions. For example – self readability, permalink, each page customisation. Apart from this, you can use third-party SEO Plugins to make SEO easier.

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The Best and popular SEO plugins are Yoast, All in SEO etc. You can use any plugin of them according to your budget and requirements.

Сustomisation Flexibility

Do you like any blog without any proper navigation and not customise correctly? Obviously your answer no. So if you use WordPress then you will get many options for customisation.

WordPress has thousands of free themes and plugins to make this work easier. You can customize your blog as per your can make following changes – background colour, page style, extra space and fonts style. By doing this you can give a professional look to your blog or website. Many other modifications are available for this in WordPress.

Unique Website Look

Looks of any website are very important. For example, if your website on news than your website should be looks like a news website not like technology website.

So you can create a blog according to your Niche  (Topic) With the help of unique themes available in WordPress.

What is WiX?

This is also the best blogging platform for the creation of a new blog. It is based on the HTML5 web publishing platform. It allows you to build a beautiful looking website. Wix is considered for making entertainment, business website.

It is preferred by all blogger because of-of its simple and coding free feature. Wix has also hundreds of best and good looking themes. The drawback of Wix is that you can’t change themes once you install in the beginning.

Now we will go through its other features and on which reason peoples like to make a blog or website on Wix. Let’s go-ahead

No Coding Experience required

There is no doubt in it that you don’t require any coding knowledge to create a blog. By using the Wix you can make a blog in a few simple steps. It allows you to drag and drop option for creating a beautiful looking website.

Although it is not enough for creating a proper website. It does not give permission to modify the themes code and CSS code. So you can not change your website looks, layout and design.

Reliable and More Secure

Compared to the WordPress Wix is more secure because Wix is made with single coding and managed with one team. However, WordPress is an open space for all developers and managed by many developers. So there is more chance of bugs in WordPress compared to Wix.

Changing of Template

Choosing the best theme/template for your blog gives professional looks to your blog or website. According to our purpose and niche, we choose relevant themes.

But in the case of Wix, you have to very very sure about the template. Because if you are developing a website on Wix then there is no option to change your theme or template once you have installed it on your website. I recommend that choose the right theme or template before developing a website.

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So be careful and make a final decision about which themes you are going to install. It should be done before adding any content to your site.


In the end, when you planning to create a blog or website then it is your decision that which platform is the best. I have explained all features and limitations of Blogger, WordPress and Wix.

If you have any other doubt in your mind when you are free to ask. If you like this article then don’t forget to share it so others can get benefited. Any questions then write in the comment box.

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In my view, if you want to create a beautiful and fast and professional looking website then I recommend you to go for WordPress. If you are a newbie and want to make a blog then go for Blogger or Wix. It is better for you.

I hope this will help you. We will meet again with the new useful article. Thank you Happy Reading and Happy Blogging


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