3 Best Free Method for Getting Traffic on Blog in2019

Blog traffic lane ka aasan tarike 2019, आसान तरीके 2019

Blog Traffic

People take various measures to bring blog traffic to their blog and website. In today’s post, we are going to talk about some ways with which you can bring maximum traffic to your website. It is very easy and free.

But a new blogger has a problem, that his blog is new and competition is more. Their blog or website gets lost on Google or other search engines. Especially on the first page of search results, as you absolutely do not want. 

Due to not appearing on the main page of the search engine, there is not much traffic on your blog or website. But do not panic, I am going to tell you some ways, by which you can bring massive traffic on your blog.

Pro Tips – Traffic from social media is not a permanent solution. But you can promote your blog so that it reaches more people.


It is a fast and simple way, by which you can increase traffic on your blog in large amounts. Because it is the largest social media platform today. You can share your post here, where you can get traffic. 

You can create a page on your blog topic. You can increase traffic by posting your blog content here. You can also create a group, whereby you can bring Facebook friends to your blog. 

If you want to bring more traffic to your blog, then you should join the group and page with related to your blog. Where you will also get great ideas from many bloggers. You have to keep in mind that you remain active in the group and keep talking to your friends. 

In the meantime, share your posts as well, so that the traffic will keep on growing on your blog. The post or article you share must be complete as well as with full information. If this does not happen then people will not like your post.


This can also bring traffic to your blog or website. All you have to do is encourage your follower to your blog or website. You should tell about your blog as well as share the link of the post. 

If you do this continuously then you can bring huge traffic on your blog. You should add your website link to your Instagram account so that the viewer can directly access your blog or website. 

StumbleUpon (Mix)

With the help of the StumbleUpon website, you can also bring a lot of traffic to your blog or website. StumbleUpon is a website that very few people know, but I believe that this website can be very helpful in driving traffic on your blog. 

Because this website helps you to find the content related to your website topic. You have to add those websites in your account profile and the link of your website and article link will be added to the database of this website. 

If you do this, then your blog or post will show those people who like to read such articles. The more people like your post, the more your blog will be delivered to the people through this website. In this way, a lot of traffic will come to your blog or website.

You have to be careful with this that you should not only promote your article or blog on this website but also visit other websites. If you do not do this, the promotion of your website will be stopped. If this happens then traffic will stop coming to your blog and you will face traffic problem


So, my dear friend, I have explained the best 3 free methods by which you can bring a good number of genuine readers for your blog. You just make sure that your content should have informative and meaningful.

I hope this will help you in getting traffic on your blog easily and free of cost. If you like this content then share it so that others can also get benefits of it. It will take a few seconds but it motivates me. You can also subscribe to my website newsletter for the latest updates.

Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read it

Happy Reading & Happy Blogging

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