What is Blog & Things Required to Start it? Full Guide

What is Blog & Things Required to Start it? Full Guide 1

What is a blog?

Blog is an online place where you can write and publish articles. This article will be available on the internet. That means Your article or post is available in Google search. 

You can share your thoughts by writing an article in your own language and publish it on the blog. The topic of your blog can be anything. For example technology, news, science, motivation etc. Apart from this, you can choose any topic. 

But it will be good for you to choose a topic on which you have more grip. Because if you do this, then you can write a good article on that topic. So that your blog may get ranking in Google. 

Where to make a blog?

If you have chosen your topic and want to start a blog. You believe that you can write a good article, then I can tell you where you can start your blog. If you have decided to start a blog than you can go for Blogger. 

It is totally free of cost. You don’t have to pay any money for it. You have to do is sign in with your Gmail account and follow the steps mentioned. In this way, a blog account will be created.

How to Write an Article

Whenever you have to write an article, you have to go to your blog dashboard and click on the new post. After that a window will open in front of you, where you can write the title of the article and about it. After writing, you can save the article and publish it. 

You have to keep in mind that your article should not be copied from somewhere, it should be unique. If you copy paste from somewhere then you may face trouble. 

You have to write high quality content on your Niche and it should be at least 500 words and above.  The article should be informative and meaningful. At the beginning, you may face some problems but don’t worry, keep writing. 

If you do continuously perfectness will come soon. All the other things will come online. By doing this you can become a good blogger in a few days. And if you want, you can earn money by taking the approval of Google Adsense on your blog.

Keep These Things in Mind Before Starting a Blog

You have to keep moving forward. There are many things that will be needed to improve your blog. This is not so easy but not so difficult also. If you do a little bit of hard work then you can make it easy. 

In today’s world, nothing is found easily. But you can start it easily with spending some money which will be in your budget. You can learn everything with the help of a blogger. But you should have some patience. You have to spend your time and mind a little bit. 

You have to keep the consistency, not that is left it in the middle. You have to work daily on it. Always be active on your blog. In this way, you can become a successful blogger. You should not be in a hurry to publish your article. 

Always try to write a high quality and meaningful article and write it regularly. The more you write, your blog will get ranked in google. By which people will show more interest in reading your blog post.

Some Important Things For The Blog

You have to become a good blogger by creating a blog on one specific topic so that you can deliver the right thing or knowledge to the people. 

By doing this you will get attached to this work and you will start doing it diligently. You can present yourself as a successful blogger in front of people. Hopefully, you can start wishing money using these methods soon.

Some Important Requirements For a Good Blog

  • Choose a good topic for your blog.
  • Buy a top level domain for that name.
  • You can create your blog on WordPress
  • Use Google tools to take the blog ranking.
  • Create your account on social media and be active on it
  • Promote your blog so that more and more visitors read your blog.


I have explained all the things regarding, what is a blog and what are the things required for creating a new blog. Also I have described that what to do and what not to do.

I hope this will help you in creating a best blog. If you like this content then please share it so that others can also get benefits of it. It will take a few seconds to do but it will motivate me. You can also subscribe to my website newsletter for latest updates.

Thanks for giving me your valuable time to read it.

Happy Reading & Happy Blogging

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