How to Submit Website in Bing Webmaster Step by Step Guide

Bing webmaster tool me website submit kaise kare, full guide(step by step)

Bing Webmaster Tool

If you are a blogger then you will know about Webmaster Tools. Like Google Webmaster Yahoo/Bing Webmaster tools etc. In which you submit a sitemap of your website. These tools make your website to show in search results. 

When you submit your blog in webmaster tool then your post will get start indexing in the search engine. Today we will talk about Bing Webmaster tool. It is the most used search engine after Google. 

Once you submit a sitemap of your website in it then your sitemap will be automatically submitted in Yahoo Webmaster Tools as well. Which increases the ranking of your website, and the traffic on your website also increases.

This is a Microsoft product, which you are getting free of cost. In which you can analyze the performance of your website and post. Bing Webmaster Tool works just like Google Webmaster Tools. 

Bing is a search console that helps your website get indexed in it. You get many options in Bing Webmaster Tool, with the help of which you can analyze your website.

Process for Submission

Let’s get started I will cover all the process that how to submit and verify a website in Bing Webmaster Tool. You can easily submit and verify the website by following the methods given below.


You first open any browser and search Bing webmaster tool. Click on the Bing webmaster tool link. Then you have to click on sign in. Now you will see a new window. In which you will get the option of sign in.

Bing Webmaster Tool


Then you have to choose one of the given options. You can log in with Google, Microsoft or Facebook account. By doing this you will be logged into Bing Webmaster Tool.

Bing Webmaster Tool


Once logged in you will see a new interface. In which you have to enter the URL of your website. After this, you have to click on the Add button. Now your website will be added to the Bing Webmaster Tool. Now you have to verify the ownership of your website, for this, you have to follow the next step.

Bing Webmaster Tool


Now you have to select your website with the Mysite option, which you have to verify. For this, you have to click on the website, after that new window will open. In which you will see some options on the left side from which Verify Ownership option has to be selected.

Verify Ownership


After this, another window will open in front of you. In which you will get 3 options, by which you can verify your website. But the second option (MetaTag) will be the best option. You have to copy this meta tag and follow the next step. Remember that you don’t close this window.



Now you go to the blog dashboard click on the theme and Edit HTML and search <head>. Just below head tag paste the copied Meta Tag. After pasting the Meta Tag you have to click on Save Theme. Follow the next step after the theme is saved.

For WordPress – login to WordPress dashboard and go to appearance>theme editor>header PHP and follow the above step. 



Now go to the Bing Webmaster Tool and scroll the page, where you will find the button of Verify, you have to click on it. After clicking, you will get a notification. Your site is currently verified. You can verify again using one of the options below. Now your website has been verified in Bing webmaster Tool. Everything is set now.

Bing Webmaster Tool


After that, you can submit the sitemap of your website whenever you want. We will talk about this in the next post. You will have to use the above method properly. In this way, you will be able to submit and verify the Bing Webmaster Tool to your website without any problem.


I have explained step by step process of website submission in webmaster tool. Next, you can submit your website sitemap in this search console whenever you want. By doing this, your website and your content will get index in Bing and Yahoo Search engine automatically.

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