Best cloud storage service provider in the world.

Best cloud storage service provider in the world.

Cloud storage Small Overview 

This service is not new, it different matter that many people does not know about it. In the previous post, we talked about cloud storage service. It has become clear to you what is cloud storage.

What are its advantages? If you have not read it you can read it. Now we will go ahead and find out who offers this service in the world. That is, who is the world’s best BEST cloud storage service provider.

For now, let’s say a little about cloud storage. Cloud storage is an internet service available where you can store your data. You can download it when you need it. You can take it from anywhere and in any device. This is a great way to send files from one place to another.

But the question is what is the future of these data? Which we store in the cloud.

Best cloud storage service Benefit 

If you are a member of the service, you will be able to get all the benefit of it. This is an Internet version of the hard drive. You don’t require to carry it. After Uploading your data on it, your data will get the benefit which is mention below:-

Security –  If you have Backup your data on it than your data will be more secure than saving in a hard drive. Because this service cannot be hacked. This service is managed by the best companies in the world. And they are fully responsible for securing your data in their Service.

Backup With One Click – By using this service, you will leave all the tension of taking a backup of your data. if you are usual to take your data backup in any hard drive then it may happen that you will forget to do so. But with the help of this service, you can take your all backup by sync instantly.

Large Coverage – The most important benefit of Cloud Storage features is that you can also use in Laptop and Computer. I want to tell you that you can use it on your mobile phones and mobile tablets too. So there is no reason to ignore this service.

Best cloud storage service Provider

You have the right to know about the best Cloud Storage service Provide in the world. what’s is the Benefit they give you? How your data secure in this place? let’s go ahead:-

1. Google Drive By Google 

Who does not know about Google, hardly anyone who does not use Google’s product? Google offers you Best Cloud Storage Service as well as other products and services. This service is quite impressive, in which you get Google’s security and trust.

If you have a Google Account, then you can use 15 GB space of cloud storage for free. After this, if you like their service, you can buy more storage space. But according to me, if you are a normal user, then 15 GB of free storage is enough for you. For more information, you can check by going to Google’s official website Link given below.

Check Google Drive Plan and Pricing  Here  

2. Amazon Cloud Drive by Amazon

The world’s largest online shopping company Amazon. This company sells the most dependable product for you. Along with that, he also offers other services. There is also cloud storage. This is a big step in their era of technology. It also offers some cloud storage space in the same way as Google.

However, it is only 5 GB, which is lower than Google Drive. But if you want to upload less data then it is much more for you. If you require more space for cloud storage then you can buy it by paying. You can check their pricing and terms condition on their official site. 

3. OneDrive By Microsoft 

This cloud storage service is given by Microsoft, the world’s leading computer maker. This company is highly trained around the world. You can believe easily in their product blindly. This company also offers Best Cloud Storage Service under your product OneDrive.

They also offer 5 GB storage space free as Amazon does. If you want more space, then you can buy 50 GB storage space at the rate of $ 1.9 per month. They also use an email service like Google. This means that you can only upload your data by logging into OneDrive. You will not need any apps.

4. DropBox 

Finally, we will talk about Dropbox cloud storage. This service can be very useful to you if you use it on a daily basis. You get 2 GB of free space in it. The biggest advantage you get from using it is that you can increase its space for free.

You can do this for the promotion of DropBox. That is, you have to tell your friends about it. If they also use it by you, then your storage space also increases.

In the DropBox, you get two-step verification. Using this you can get the better security of your data. You can share the uploaded data with just one click. You can easily use it on mobile and tablet too. This can be the best Cloud Storage Service for you.

I hope you liked this post. After reading this article, now you aware that What is cloud service? What is the benefit of this? What is the Best Cloud Storage Service Provider?

 If yes, then like and share it so that other people can also get the benefit of it. If there is any question you can ask it in the comment box.

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