Best 10 seo tips for beginners. Step by step guide for 2019

Best 10 SEO tips for beginners in 2019

Friends, today we will learn about the Best 10 SEO Tips. Although we have already learned about it, if you have not read so far then you are making a mistake. You should read it.

Every blogger has the same problem as to how to rank his blog and his content on Google. By the way, you will find many ways on the internet to do it. With which you can optimize your blog and its content to rank in Google.

Best 10 SEO Tips for beginners

I was also very upset about Ranking and SEO in my early days. But slowly everything went fine Today I will share those 10 best SEO tips with you that I have used or used in my blog.

If you also want to customize your blog to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then apply these Best 10 SEO Tips. These methods can lead you to a new height. Let’s start: –

1. Make Blog Post SEO Friendly

If you are a blogger then you obviously know how to write content. You should also focus on writing good SEO friendly content. The content you are writing should be easy to read. To say means that the Sentence should be complete.

Apart from this, the content you have written content should also on the topic which you have chosen. At the same time, you should also pay attention to your main keywords. You can use any SEO plugin for a complete audit of your article.

2. Write Informative Content

Whenever you write an article, it should always be bigger. The length of your article should be at least 500 words. You can write as much as you want. Your full content should be according to the title by step by step arrange. The topic you are writing on the article should be completely informative.

Whenever a visitor read it, the user does not need to go further to find the same things. If someone is reading your post to learn about the thing for what they have come on your blog, they should be able to find everything about it.

3. Divide Your Content into Paragraph

The articles written in your blog should be informative as well as lengthy. This does not mean that you write the whole article together. You have to divide it in a small part.

You can use Sub-Headings for this. Because if you do not do this, neither your SEO will be okay nor any reader will understand it. So to make it simple to read and it should be divided into a small paragraph.

4. Use the Main Keyword

When writing a post we definitely you have selected keywords. So you should make sure that your article is based on these keywords. It is not that you have written these keywords only in the title and your work is done. You have to use it in the entire article. If you do this then it is worth reading your article and increases the chances of getting ranked on Google.

5. Define Permalink

Permalink of any post plays an important role in ranking that article into Google. If you set the correct Permalink (Post URL), your post can come in the Search Result. If you do not set any permalink, then by default your post URL becomes the permalink of those post. Which may be very long.

In such a case it happens that its search value decreases in Google. Because people search Google just typing a few keywords.

6. Use Yoast SEO Plugin

If your blog is on WordPress then you can use Yoast SEO plugin. It’s free and the premium version is available. This is one of the most popular SEO audit plugin presents in the market. Although there is a lot of limitation in its free version, which can be removed by buying its premium version.

It advises you to add the correct Focus Keyword. With the help of this Plugin, you can easily add the right Title, Meta Description, Permalink, Readability. It also has a Page SEO Suggestion for your article.

7. Optimize Image for Better Enhancement

Adding an image to an article is very beneficial. Because the reader gets a break when reading any large article due to the image. He does not let get bored reading your article.

Apart from this, you can understand these articles with the help of these images. Many people forget to do SEO of these images. You should optimize these images. Don’t forget to use Image ALT Tag.

8. Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

Creating a Mobile Friendly play important role in SEO factor as well as ranking in Google. As you know, Nowadays, Smartphone users are getting increased. In this case, people would like to see your blog on mobile.

If your blog is not Mobile Friendly then it will not be properly opened in mobile. The result will be that you will lose the precious viewer, which you would not like at all. That’s why you should use the best SEO Responsive Theme / Template for your blog.

9. Create High-Quality Backlink

Backlink plays a very big role in bringing traffic to any blog. Provided that it is a DoFollow link. If you have a High-Quality’s DoFollow Backlink, Google ranks such a blog a little soon. But it is not necessary that, without backlinks, your blog will not rank. Of course, you will focus on the content of your blog and the rest of the SEO.

10. Enable HTTPS (SSL)

Finally and most important SEO tips that you must have. Because according to Google’s new Policy, if you have an SSL certificate then your blog will be given preference. For this, all browsers also give alerts. Whenever someone visits your blog, the browser is alerted that this website is not Secure.

This happens when Https is not enabled on your blog. If such a visitor enters your blog or website then its details may be compromised. Which Google will never accept, and do not give preference such type of blog for the preliminary search result. Due to which your ranking will go down.


In today’s post, we have learned about Best 10 SEO tips and how can these SEO Tips helps in increasing your blog’s Google Ranking. Hope you enjoy this article.

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