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Android smartphone Settings

Friends are the days of smartphones nowadays, and everyone has an Android smartphone. More and more people use Android smartphones. If you also have an Android smartphone, then you should know about some of the more important features and settings.

I am going to tell about some of the settings and fitters in this post that you probably do not know. If you know it is a good thing. Let’s see what these Android smartphone tips are.

Android smartphone tips

Friends, today we will learn about the best 5 Android Smartphone Tips you should do in your smartphone. At the same time, I will tell you what it means and when to do it. Although these settings are not hard to do, let me tell you that if you do these settings then it can be beneficial for you.

Advance WiFi Setting

If you are using WiFi in your mobile then this setting should definitely be done. If you keep on wifi on your phone continuously, your phone’s battery drains very quickly.

This happens even when you do not use your phone, especially in the night time because you fall asleep at night and wifi remains on. That is to say that your phone uses too much battery because of it when your phone in standby mode.

But by making this setting you can easily get rid of extra battery spending. You can turn it on by going to your phone’s settings. Such as Settings → Wi-Fi → Advanced → Tap on Keep on WiFi in sleeping→ Select Never.

After activating this setting, your Wifi Automatic will be turned off after your phone goes to standby. Whenever you turn on your phone to use WiFi will start automatically.

Duplicate(Mock) Location

If the phone does not have an application, then the phone is like a box. That’s why people install many apps according to their needs. When you download a new app, the app takes several types of permissions from you.

One of them is the location If you give it permission, your location can be tracked through that app. If you do not want it, do not give it a permit. Or you can mislead by setting a mock location on your phone.

For this, you need to do a set in your phone’s settings. Such as Settings → Developer Options → Allow Fake Locations. From here you can turn the mock location on or off. Your location is not correct when this setting is turned on.

It is also a demerit of this setting is that, if you lose your phone and the setting is turned on, you will not be able to find this phone. So you should turn on this setting only when you need it.

Increase Game Speed

when you are playing a game on your phone and sometimes your phone becomes slow. But do you know that you can increase the speed of the game by setting one? If not know, then know. By doing a set on your phone, speed will be increased. But the battery of your phone starts draining very quickly. Only do this setting if you need it. It will be beneficial for you.

To do this setting go to settings → About Phone → tap Seven Times On Build → Go to developer options → scroll down for hardware accelerated rendering → Force 4x MSAA. After this, you can enjoy any game without interruption.

Save Offline Google Map

Some time ago people were collecting information about that place where they want to go. like What is the way to go? What is a landmark there? After that, they proceed to that place. But time has changed because of the smartphone’s arrival.

Everyone uses Google Maps to go anywhere and to learn about any place. With this help, you can go anywhere without asking anything. But this is possible only if your phone has internet connectivity.

If you are in any place where there is no mobile network then you can not use it. But there is a solution to this problem too. As you live in Delhi, you can download the map of Delhi and save it for offline. After this, whether you have a mobile network or not, you can find out about any place in Delhi.

To do this, you can download the map on your phone. Like Open Google Map→New Offline Map Save→ Download. can download a map of any selected area for offline.

Google Assistant Setting(Voice Setting)

We and you are living in a time where everything has become easier with the help of technology. If you have a smartphone then you can do some work in a very short time in a smart way.

One of them is to search for anything on the Internet. For this, you do not need to open an app and type for any search. You can get help from Google Assistant.

But still you have to open this app and you have to speak for any search. But there is a setting which help will allow to search for anything when you are using any other app. you can still search for anything.

To do this, you have to open Google Search App → More → Setting → Voice → Voice Match → Access with Voice Match → Agree → Say Ok Google After this your voice will be validated and your settings will be enabled. After this, you will be able to enjoy this feature.


Friends, I have told you about 5 such Android smartphone tips in this article that you probably did not know. I hope this will very useful for you. If you like it, do not forget to share. For today, only that, again we will meet with another useful article.

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