What is Difference Between Android Phone and iOS Phone

What is the difference between Android phone and iOS

Android phone and ios phone

Nowadays, everyone wants to use a better smartphone. Because these smartphones help in doing all your work in a short time in a better way. There are two variants of the most popular smartphone available in the market.

First Android Phone and another iOS Phone Both of them are better than each other in some cases. In today’s post, we will discuss this. We will know which of these phones is better, and in which part it is good.

Difference between Android & iOS

Whereas the iOS Phone comes with a great user interface, at the same time Android Phone comes with unlimited feature. We will talk about some of these features Let’s start: –

User-Friendly Interface

We can tell you that the iOS Phone and Android Phone are quite user-friendly. iOS Phone was already better in this case. While the latest versions of Android phones are not behind.

This way both of these phones give you a nice interface. So you will not face any difficulty during the use of this smartphone.  Due to this interface, you can easily understand the features of its functions, settings, and apps.

Best Hardware

If you talk about their hardware, then you can use any Android phone. You have a lot of options for this. Whereas in iOS, There is no option other than Apple for iOS. Around the world, you can get the best of best Android’s options by various companies.

From which you can choose what you want. But if you have to enjoy iOS then you only have to take Apple’s iPhone. On Android phones, you get a chance to choose the display and strong body.

High Performance

If they talk about their performances, then both of them are unbeatable to each other. IOS is famous for doing fast and smooth functions where Android is not even behind. The new versions of Android Phone (Oreo and Pie) have increased their performance.

If you want you can try both of them. If you enjoy using the app in iOS differently, then what is your opinion about Android? I know your answer will be yes because this is not behind iOS’s.

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Security Features

If we talk about their security then both of them are tremendous in today’s time. Android uses Google’s security, whereas iOS users get better security of Apple. If seen, the security of iOS is quite strong.

By which you can secure your data to a great extent. In iOS, you do not have the option to use a third-party app. You can only use the app downloaded from its app store in iOS. This helps in getting your phone hacked and avoiding viruses.

Android is a little behind in this case because its App Store is open to everyone. However, viruses come from the app store does not affect much. In Android’s App Store, you can find lots of such apps which harm to your phone. Whereas All the app uploaded to the iOS app store are the best security scanned by Apple. Which is quite beneficial.

App Download Option

In the case of mobile applications, you can enjoy the best app at free of cost on Android phones. These apps make your work easy in many ways. But in iOS, you will get less freedom.

The biggest problem in iOS is that you can not use any third party app in it. But this is not so in android. You can use any app in Android as well as if you have an android app you can upload me on the app store.


So, friends, we have learned about what is the difference between Android and iOS as well as the features of it. Although it is not full disclosure you can see many more differences between them.

I have figured out some of them. I hope you like this article. If you have any questions, please write in the comment bos. I will get back to you sion.

Happy Reading and Happy Learning

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