Advantages of WordPress, Best key feature of WordPress

Advantages of WordPress, Best key feature of WordPress

Why choose WordPress?

people, who are serious about their blogging have always preferred to use WordPress? It makes your blogging life as comfortable as you want. Maintaining a blog or website have become very easy if you use WordPress. It the most Powerful Content Management System (CMS). In this, you can easily customize your article according to SEO. In today’s post, we will read about the Advantages of WordPress.

WordPress has been built in such a way that the website created on it becomes easily indexed in Google. So everyone wants to use it. Apart from this, there are many other features that make it even better. If you work in it, you can easily rank your blog as well as your article on Google.

Advantages of WordPress

If you want to create your own blog or website on WordPress than You should be very well aware of its benefits. What are the benefits related to SEO by making a blog on this? About this, we will read below. Let’s see what Advantage you get if you use WordPress.

Writing an Article Very Easy

You need to know how important it is to write content for a blog. You keep writing new articles every day so that people do not need to go to another blog. On WordPress, you can do this work very easily. When your blog grows in such a way, you have to write compelling content. By doing this you can easily add keywords, permalink and internal links to your posts easily.


It’s very easy for you to set up a Post URL in WordPress. You can also check this URL in real time. You can change the URL of any post. You should keep in mind that the keywords you use in permalink should be searchable in Google. By doing this you can tell Google, what you want to rank.

Free Software for All

Although It is open source so It is available for free to all. So anyone can use it. All you need is a Domain and Hosting. Due to its open source, many developers keep working to make it even better. It makes it worthwhile every day with Google’s new updates. The biggest advantage of this is that you can make your content SEO Friendly in it.

RSS Feeds Integration

WordPress has already given the integration of RSS Feed. This means that you can correct your blog’s SEO by sending it to your article feed. This is quite a good feature for your Follower/Reader. Google likes this thing too much. If you use WordPress, you get this feature extra.

Theme for Free

If you use WordPress you can install thousands of themes or templates. for free in it. The theme is the main elements which give a professional look to your website. If anyone has a budget problem then you can download for free. Here you get many themes according to your niche.

Best Plugins for Free

Just as you use some tools for making your work easy In the exact same way, you can use the plugin to make every single task easy in WordPress. Here you get thousands of plugins for free to download according to your needs. Using these plugins, you can make your blog better.


Hope you have come to know how profitable WordPress is in terms of SEO. So in my opinion, if you want to create a blog or website then you should choose this platform. For now, that is all.

We will meet again with the new useful article.

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