What is 2 Step Verification? Full Detail

2 step verification kya hota hai puri jankari hindi me 2019

About Data Protection Service?

Whichever platform or website you use, the owner of that website provides many types of service to secure your data. One of them is 2 Step Verification if you use these services properly, you will surely be able to protect your data almost completely. 

If you have not yet used these data protection services, do it immediately. Because by doing this you can avoid a big loss in future. Below we will talk about some of these data protection services.

How it Works

You can enable various types of data protection service for securing your data. For example, you can use email notifications, OTP (One Time Password Protection) on your account. Out of which OTP and Two-Step Verification are the most secure. 

If you have activated these services on your account or data, then your data is almost It is completely safe. But you have to take care that you don’t share these details with anybody. 

But in today’s post, we will talk about what is 2 Step Verification? How does it work? What could be the pros and cons of using? So you can read the full post to avoid any unexpected loss.

What is 2 Step Verification?

If you have not yet activated this Two-Step Verification, do it immediately. This is the advanced layer of security. If you enable 2 Step Verification on your account or data then your data or account becomes double secure.

This facility is available on many websites and social networks. Such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. This is especially used in places where the money is being transacted, such as online payment and credit card bill payment. 

When you do any transaction or online payment, you have to provide some data. This data is very sensitive. If someone steals this data, they can misuse it. 2 step verification is the surest way to keep your data safe.

How to Enable 2 Step Verification?

This feature is very easy to use or enable it. You can activate it in the same app or account in which this feature has been given. It works in the same way as a one-time password is required for the transaction. 

To enable this, you have to register your mobile number, on which a one-time password will be given. Two-Step Verification is used to login to the account. If you have enabled Two-Step Verification in your account, then no one will be able to access your account.


By enabling 2 Step Verification, you will get the following advantages: –

  • You can increase the security of your account twice.
  • Protection of account from illegal access can be avoided.
  • All your account will be very secure.
  • You can make money transactions safe.
  • You will get notified when logged in 

Important Point – 2 Step Verification can also cause a major loss to you. Without this, you will not be able to login to your account. If you lost your phone than it is very difficult to recover your account.


So, my dear reader, we have learned about data protection service as well as its benefits and disadvantages. I hope this will help you in future.

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