10 Most Important Things to do After Creating a Blog.

What to do after creating a Blog

Do you really excited to start a blog? or earlier you have created a blog? If you know what to do next than ok but if you are not aware than you are at the right place. 

Creating a blog is easier than managing it for the long term. You have to be fully aware that what are the things need to be done after creating a blog.

First of all, you need a domain name and hosting (server) for creating a blog. If you have done this step then what next. Many people know this but maximum people don’t know what to do next?

After setting up a blog important setting/work will take place. Which is I am going to share with you? These few important settings will play an important role in the ranking of your blog as well as easy access to your readers. 

I am sure that you are so excited to know all those settings. Many newbie bloggers made mistakes or forgot to do these settings due to lack of knowledge. So don’t worry if you have done this it’s ok if not then do it immediately to avoid some serious issues.

Let’s get started one by one.

1. Permalink Setting

Looking on this word, a question will raise what is that? Means what is a permalink? Why it is needed? Let me explain it? 

A permalink of a blog or website is a URL structure which is the fixed. If you are going to set it you see different types of post or page URL structure in the setting.

I mean to say that when you set it for your blog then it will be permanent until you change it. So in other way permalink is just the fixed web address of a specific post or page.

When you publish any post/page, it’s URL will appear in that format/structure which you have selected. 

Next how to set it? Follow the steps

Login to your WordPress dashboard Go to Dashboard>Settings>Permalinks and under the common settings, select “post name” & save the settings.

That’s all You’re done.

2 – Sitemap Submission in Search Console

This is the most important step which you must have to do. Because if you ignore this point then there is no value of creating a blog. 

By submitting a sitemap of any blog or website, you are telling to search Console bot that you have a blog. In other ways, you are giving permission to crawl your blog and index the blog data on the internet.

After creating & submitting a sitemap, Google & other search engines will crawl your website and rank your blog posts subsequently on a regular basis.

If you are using WordPress then install the Google XML sitemaps plugin or authenticate your search console account in SEO plugin like Yoast will make this work automatically.

You can directly submit your sitemap to Google by signing up for google search console. After that add the property and verify your website then go to the sitemap (https://yoursite.com/sitemap.xml) section and submit it.

3 – Securing your Website

As you know the internet is the broad network which has no endpoint. All types of users are using it for various purposes. They might be genuine or fraud (Hacker). If you are serious about your blog then extra attention required by you towards it.

In this case, you can’t ignore this point. Imagine that, if you are logging in your website and it is not opening or there are no data on your website? What will you do? Whom did you blame? The answer is No-one. 

You are responsible for this. Because you didn’t use any security on your website. It is very important that use any popular/Best security measure on your website to protect your data from Hacker. 

You can use the following security methods to avoid this.

  • Security plugin

If you are on WordPress then you are free to install and use any security plugin for your blog. There are are many options are available. You have to choose according to your interest. 

These plugins are available in the free or paid version. At the starting, you can use free. But I suggest go for paid because most of the features are not available in the free version.

Installing plugins are very easy. Follow the steps for installing a plugin in your blog. Go to WordPress Dashboard>Plugin>Add New> Search Plugin>Install and Activate.  

  • Use Content delivery network (CDN)

It is a group of the server which works together for distributing the data worldwide. It provides fast delivery of internet content to the user. 

Along with fast delivering the content, it also increases your website SEO as well as improve website loading speed. CDNs also provide better security to your site. 

There are many CDNs companies who provide this service. Honestly, I recommend what I use on my blog. It is Cloudflare, it is one of the best CDN which gives you better security as well as SSL certificate in free of cost. 

Go for it and Rock

4 – Google Analytics for Website Analysis

Another important point which will helpful for your blog or website. This Google’s product will free of cost for everyone. If you have Gmail account than just sign-up for it and follow the step for setting up it.

Google Analytics helps you to analyse your website. It is also helpful in tracking the number of page views and daily visitors on your blog. You can also track how people are finding your website, track real-time visitors.

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You can see your progress by Installing Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin in WordPress as well as apps. Just you need to paste google analytics tracking code in the plugin. For Android/IOs need to sign in with Gmail account.

5 – Customisation and Navigation

This is the most important factor of any website. It decides your blog future. Because if your website is not fully customised and don’t have clear Navigation about content than visitors will get confused.

In this case, your website rankings will go down in a very short period. One Question for you, will you like this type of blog which has no navigation and not customised as per content?? 

The answer is strong NO

So, after creating a blog please use a fully customisable, SEO optimised, responsive & fast loading theme for your blog. Make it as simple as possible. Don’t decorate it like a bride. Arrange its navigation as per content so that visitors will be able to identify each section of your blog.

Pro Tips:- Spend some money and use a premium theme.

6 – Favicon, Fonts & Colors

Next, firstly you decide your blog content fonts  & colours carefully. Make them simple and clean as possible as for decent look. I also suggest that keep them continued throughout the blogging.  

It will help you in developing your brand name. This will make you stand out of the blogging crowd. Never change it frequently.

For a better view of any blog, I recommend that 2 Fonts and 3 colours constantly throughout your blog. Don’t try to decorate your blog by any means. 

Favicon:- It is a small icon that will appear in the browser tab analogue with page or post of any website. You have to make sure that it should be set correctly. Best size of favicon will be (512×512 px). It gives professional looks for your blog.

For setting up it login to WordPress dashboard go to appearance>theme customiser>site identity> add a logo. You can set it in the theme option also   

7 – Create Social Media accounts

As you know anything got highlighted when its promotion happen. To do so you have some social media marketing or any other method. For this, you have to make the presence of your blog on different platforms. 

It depends on which social media network you are going to use. Set all social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Just keep these things in your mind that all accounts are named on your blog’s name if possible.

It will protect your username from being stolen or used by someone. After that set up your social media descriptions and related keywords carefully according to your blog.

8 – Write and Publish Some Articles

Now you are ready with well customised and having professional looks blog. You need to publish some articles for your blog. So write some good and quality content on your Niche and publish them.

Your blog has content and you can start promoting them on your social media network. The important thing which you have to make sure that all content should be unique. 

If you do then you will gain some audience for your blog. In this case, your blog should have enough content. Otherwise, your audience will never like an empty blog.

9 – Start Making Your E-mail List

You should never ignore this point. Because this is going to help you in the long term blogging career. So I request all of you to Start Collecting Emails & start building your Email list from starting the day.

Give the option to subscribe to your blog by creating an option form in your blog. If the readers like your content they definitely subscribe to your newsletter. If they do so your Email list will automatically increase. 

If you have collected a huge amount of Email then this list is going to help you. This list will be the primary source of driving traffic on your blog. Because Google may change its algorithm at any time. 

Social media platforms can also do the same. In this case, the negative impact will be there on your traffic. You may lose your valuable visitors.

10 – Promote Your Blog/Content

At last but not least. You must learn how to do content marketing. Because if you don’t have the ability to promote your stuff then creating a blog is a total waste of time. 

You will gain visitors when you start promoting your blog or content from day one. A successful blogger uses 80:20 formula to become famous among all the blogger. He spent 20% time in writing content and 80% time in promoting the content.   


So we have discussed the most important point which you never want to ignore. I hope this top 10 list will help you. I request all of you that don’t forget to implement it after creating a blog. 

Implementation of these 10 things will give a strong foundation to your blog. Which will make you different from other bloggers in the future.

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Thanks for giving your valuable time to read my articles.

Happy Reading & Happy Blogging

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