10 Best Way to Increase Traffic on Your Blog in 2019

10 Best way to increase Blog Traffic

We start blogging part-time so that they are Earning. But due to some circumstances or lack of knowledge, they fail to collect huge audiences. The result of which is that they leave the work by becoming desperate.

10 Best Way to Increase Traffic on Your Blog in 2019

In today’s article, we will learn how to achieve success in this work. At the same time, we will also know how we bring good traffic to our blog or website.

The biggest challenge for any blog is that to have such content on your blog or have you publish the content that people are looking for. What does it mean to say that you have a quality, informative content? After reading, these people will not go further.

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If you follow the methods described below, then surely you can bring lots of traffic to your blog easily.

1. Always Do On-Page SEO

Yes, if you write quality content and ignore the on-page SEO in it, then this will be your biggest mistake. For example, if you have a lot of publicity to sell the product, and if someone does not get any benefit after buying it, then what is the use of such a product? Along with paying attention to off-page SEO, the more you pay attention to on-page SEO. For this, you can use the methods described below

  • Always UseAttractive Title
  • Write Proper Headings
  • Use Relative Images
  • Write always image alt tags
  • Add internal links
  • Give value to readers
  • Finally, give the conclusion
  • Add meta tag

Doing so will definitely see positive improvement in traffic on your blog or website.

2. Monitor your Blog seriously

Many people want to earn money by making a blog or website on the Internet. They work hard for this, but after some time some reasons simply leave it. Because there is no traffic on their blog. Today, thousands of websites are running on the Internet, and every day their rankings decrease/increase.

So you should make sure that your website is reader-friendly, easy to navigate your blog. Full information and quality in your content. So that users can get a Reason to visit your blog.

3. Always Look for long-tail keywords

Everyone wants to rank their post quickly, for which they use a variety of keyword research tools. But these keywords come from where. I tell you when a post ranks, then it ranks with the reason (word). It starts suggesting all the keyword tools. These keywords are created from some of our people’s posts.

So you never run behind the most popular keywords. Use those keywords on which you are about to write your article. After some time, Google or other search engines will definitely give a specific identification to that content of your website or blog, which will help in the search rankings of your content.

4. Write suitable meta tag for post

It is very important to write a meta title for any post. When someone searches for something in Google, the results will be shown on its title and some of the lines below are written about that article. Called a meta tag. You must definitely write it. By looking at this meta tag people, easily know that what’s in your post.

Most people click on the URL of the post after seeing it. You should keep in mind that it is simple and effective. You can use any SEO plugin to make this work easy. For this, your blog should be on WordPress. But this plugin will not help automatically, you will have a meta tag for each post.

5. Create consistently unique materials

Whether you want to publish any post on your blog. All these articles should have quality content in every way. It should not be such that compromising the quality of post on blogs which increases the quantity. The quality of the content should not be ignored at any cost.

If you consistently write the content of high quality, then this will increase generic traffic on your blog. Because the reader gets everything for which they clicked on your post URL. So, whenever is possible, deliver a high quality / informative content to your reader.

How to increase blog traffic
How to increase blog traffic

6. Connecting post with internal links

Using an internal link in any post can be very beneficial for you. This increases the page view time of your blog. How could this help you? Let me explain when someone clicks a URL and reads your blog. If there is no other link, then he will just go back after reading that post.

But if you have provided a link to another post, then the possibility of clicking on it increases. This way he will be able to read your post one by one. This gives visitors more useful content. Because of this, visitors will get a reason to stay longer on your blog. Which helps a lot in your search ranking.

7. Write or Invite guest blog

If you write posts for a blog or invite someone to post an article for your blog then you get good backlinks. Which makes your blog highlights to Google. But you have to keep in mind that you did not write posts for a low-quality blog or publish a low-quality post on your blog.

If you take care of these things, then you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog in less time. For this, you have to keep an eye on the fact that you have a non-spam link and only publish high-quality unique content. Because these days Google is not accepting low-quality guest blogging.

8. Be Present on social media

If you do blogging, you have to maintain your presence on almost every social platform. You can invite more people by joining a group or by creating a page/group here. Keep your behavior well with them. Share conversations and ideas with them.

All the above activities give a new identity to your name and website. By which people read your blog and tell others about it. For this, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, and other social networks. Believe you will see a positive result on your blog in a few days. Use the Share option in your blog’s article so that people can share it on different platforms.

9. Make Website Responsive/Fast Loading

Previously, people used desktops or laptops to access the Internet. But time has changed. Most people around the world have started using smartphones. In this way, you have to pay attention to whether your blog or website supports these smartphones or not. If it is not so, then you have to be careful. Because if your website or blog is not easily loaded on a smartphone, if it is not easily scrolled, then people will not open it. By which you will lose a lot of visitors.

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So make sure that your website loads easily on every smartphone and the whole content is visible. Even you will have to make your blog mobile friendly, responsive and fast loading than only people will see your website. If your website faster than it’s better for you.

10. Consistently Blog

Finally, the most important thing that is important for you and your blog. If you write blogs 3-4 times a week and publishing it, then your blog stays in front of your subscribers. What you mean to say is that you maintain consistency on your blog. This tells Google that your website or blog is dynamic. Just keep in mind that your post was written well and in the better order. So that people can understand step by step it. Readers should find everything for which they came to on your blog.


So friends today, we learn about how we can bring traffic to our blog. What we have to do for this? Which things will be kept in mind? I hope that it will be very helpful for you. If you like it, please share it and if you have any question in mind, then definitely write a comment. It will motivate me up. Similarly, I will try and write a post for you, which will give benefit to you.

“Happy Reading and Happy Blogging”

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