10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques in 2019

10 Best On-Page SEO Techniques

What is On-Page SEO and how to improve On-Page SEO?

People are crazy to create a blog but some of them doesn’t know how to bring their blog rank no.1 in search engines. There are many factors which play an important role in it. One of them is called On-Page SEO.

In this article, we are going to learn how to improve On-Page SEO? What are the main factors in it? If your On-Page SEO is fine then your blog will rank definitely.

SEO is called search engine optimization Which means to make your blog or article highlighted in the search engines. If you do proper SEO, your content will be understandable to bot of search engine.

When you write a blog make sure it is well explained and structured. Give more value to your user and deliver informative content to them. So let’s get started:-

1. Choose distinctive Title

This is the most important thing that you have to do at any cost. Because most people will click on it after seeing it. They will able to know what is in your content when they see your URL.

In this case, you have to choose an attractive and meaningful title for each post/page. When you are writing content makes sure your focus keywords should fall in title.

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If you’re doing that it means you are giving the value to your user. You are not misleading anyone. If you are writing a post on any topic than your title should be according to your content.

For example, if your content on a smartphone than your title should be like that ” Best smartphone in India” or “Smartphone Under 15000 Rs.” If anyone sees this title they will come to know that this article is on Smartphone.

Important Note :- The important thing to remember is that your article title must have a main focus keyword on which your content has been written.

2. Write an attractive Meta description

Meta description of any content is very important in SEO point of view. It is the very short description of your content. It shows below URL in Google search results. Many Blogger tends to ignore or forget to write Meta Description on their content.

On seeing Meta description any user comes to know that this Article is in which topic. If it is really attractive and relevant to his search than he will definitely click on it. You can use relevant focus keywords in the Meta description. It will increase the possibility of ranking your post or blog in search engines.

Important Note:- Meta descriptions is to be maximum 160 word. When you writing a Meta description please keep this things in your mind that it should be short and meaningful otherwise it may be harmful for ranking.

3. Choose Meta Tag according to Niche

Another great factor of On-Page SEO is adding the best meta tag for your website. It is the portfolio of any website. This is the group of all the main keywords on which your blog is created.

If you are on blogger then you have to add Meta tag manually and on WordPress, you can use any SEO plugin to do this. It plays a very important role in the ranking of your blog.

Important Note:- If your using any plugin for adding Meta Tag than it work automatically. You have to write Meta tag for your blog and add it in Plugin rest will be done automatically.

4. Use Proper Heading Tag

Do you like to read anything without heading? The answer is no because of it so lengthy and boring article which make no sense. So when you write content like that how can you think that someone will read it.

Writing content should be like a conversation or it should have a Proper Heading step by step. If you are doing this then article would be structured as well as easy to read. This will also help to understand search engines (Google bot) easily that what is in this article. You should always use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, in your content.

Important Pro Tips :- Never make your blog content so long. Always use heading tags to break it into paragraph. This will be best for SEO.

5. URL structure

As you know that nobody is typing all words in Search engine. They only type a few words to search for anything. These words are basically keywords of your content. So adding a search engine friendly URLs for your content are great for increasing ranking as well as searchability online.

If you are using small length URLs for your content then its performance is better when it comes to search results. However, you should keep this thing in your mind that adding short URLs in your post is not enough. This URL should have main keywords also.

6. Don’t Increase Keyword Density

Without keywords, there are means to write an article for a blog. So you have to use it. For good SEO is very important. These keywords are going to make you your blog successful. So you have to decide where are these keywords to be used.

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At the same time, you have to make sure that use it when actually required in the post. Don’t use so many keywords in your article. A good blogger never does it. So control on your keywords uses and keep it keywords density very less.

7. SEO your photos

You all know that any image says thousands of words. If you use relevant images into your post it helps in improving engage time. If use image inside the page it will like a break which helps in not to get tired when you read it.

It also boosts your SEO. If you are using an image then you have to keep this thing in your mind that you have to add the title of the image. It is very important because if you did not use that search engine bot will never understand that What is the use of this image? So I request all of you that please give ALT Tag to all your images.

Important Note:- When you are adding ALT Tag of any image please remember that it should be similar to your title or relevant to your content.

8. Website Speed

One of the most important SEO techniques which can not be ignored. Because if your website is slow and taking too much time to load all the pages then this type of website ignored by user and Google respectively. In this case, you will neither get traffic nor ranking. because no wants to wait.

Important Note:- Always use fast hosting service and premium theme for better results.

9. Activate SSL certificate

As you no one wants to disclose their information especially on the internet. Any user coming on your website he should be very confident that his data will be safe. in this scenario, you have to make sure your website to be safe for the user. For this, you have to activate the SSL certificate (https://) for your website. If SSL certificate is activated on your website then it shows a green padlock in the URL search bar. That means these type of websites are secure to use.

Important Note:- Nowadays, A website without SSL certificate is being ignored by Google. when you search for http:// it shows security message taht this website is not secure. 

10. Too Many Ads and low-quality Link

for generating revenue and for increasing earning Many bloggers are adding the third party ads code on their website. Also adding low-quality link on the website for the backlink. If you also do that you will lose your traffic as well as Google ranking. Because Google doesn’t like this type of website. It is also against Google Terms and Conditions.


So in the end, My dear reader we have learned about  10 Best SEO techniques. These Techniques are so important for your blog/website. If you want to become a successful blogger then don’t forget to implement this on your website.  I hope this content will help you. These 10 techniques are the most effective in improving your SEO. 

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If you like this article then share it so others can also get the benefit of this. If you have any question in your mind then don’t hesitate to write a comment. I will definitely help you. We will meet again with a new useful Article. 

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